Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health Minutes

Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health Minutes

Monday 30 October 2017
10:30 a.m.
Stainsby Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

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Councillor J Rostron
R Mawer and S Blood
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The Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration submitted a report advising that the current contracts for Home Care Services expired in November 2017 and the Council had undertaken a tender process to re-provide this service. This report outlined the outcome of the tender process undertaken and identifies any potential risks in transition and delivery.


The report outlined that currently the home care service provided 7,967 hours each week, delivered by four contracted providers. In addition currently there were a further four organisations utilised to meet demand through spot purchasing arrangements.


Prior to undertaking the tender process the Council undertook a number of consultation events to seek the views of service users, their representatives and also providers (contracted and non-contracted) of home care provision in the local area. The report stated that all views had been incorporated into the developed service specification which also included other key areas such as the provider’s response to travel time, payment to their staff, and how service recipients would receive their full allocated care time.


The tender sought six business partners for the delivery of homecare services in Middlesbrough and also to work with the Council to develop and trial new ways of working in the future. In addition it also requested a further spot framework to ensure that we have suitable capacity during exceptional peak times. The hourly rate for those submitting to be a business partner was capped at £15. However submissions were still scored on a price basis as tenderers were asked to provide a cost breakdown, those who attributed a higher percentage element of their costs to their staffing scored more points than those whom apportioned significant costs to overheads. There was no financial cap for the spot providers, these were assessed on a price / quality split. 

The report stated that work would be distributed by the Broker Team to the business partners in the first instance on a rotational basis to ensure a balance of hours. If they are unable to accommodate the package organisations on the spot framework will be offered the work. This will be in order of cheapest hourly rate first.

The Council went out to open tender on Monday, 8th May 2017 which closed at 12 noon on Friday, 23rd June 2017. We received twenty five submissions of which two were not proceeded with as they didn’t submit the required documents, seventeen for business partner and spot and six for spot only.


The Evaluation panel consisted of ten officers, nine of which were from the council and one from Health. All panel members met on Thursday, 20th July 2017 to discuss and agree the scores each awarded.

12. Submissions were evaluated using a percentage split of Price - 40%, Quality - 60% and Supplier Assessment Questionnaire Pass/ Fail. All providers had to score a minimum of three hundred points in quality (50% of maximum score) to be considered as a provider. Three organisations failed to achieve this. Spot providers were permitted to submit their own hourly rate but were advised that lower rates would rank higher.

13. The full evaluation results were shown in Appendix 1, however the six successful business partners to be appointed were:


1) Careline -Existing Provider
2) Clece Care
3) Direct Health -Existing Provider
4) Medacs
5) Comfort Call -Existing Provider
6) Castlerock


The report stated that three of the current existing providers were successful in becoming future business partners, one of our current providers Allied Healthcare ranked eighth and was unsuccessful.




That the contents of the report be noted and risks be highlighted, and that the confirmation of the contracts be approved.




The decision was supported by the following reason:


The exisiting contract for Home Care expires on 5th November 2017 so the new contract has to be implemented.

The decision will come into force after five working days following the day the decision was published unless the decision becomes subject to the call in procedures.
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