SACRE Minutes

SACRE Minutes

Monday 19 February 2018
4:00 p.m.
Meeting Room 1 Acklam Green Centre

Attendance Details

Councillor D J Branson (Local Authority representative), S Davidson (Local Authority representative), Councillor T Higgins (Local Authority representative), S Khan (Local Authority representative), A Williams (Chair), I Ghani (Christian and other religious denominations), S Greenwood (Christian and other religious denominations), M Khan (Christian and other religious denominations), A Khazir (Christian and other religious denominations), C Marshall (Christian and other religious denominations), D Pearson (Christian and other religious denominations), N Rehmen (Christian and other religious denominations), A Tayeb (Christian and other religious denominations), L Antill (Teachers representative), R Conway (Teachers representative), J Conwell (Teachers representative), J Surtees (Teachers representative)
Item Number Item/Resolution

AW update on current position of SACRE in Middlesbrough. Aim of the meeting is to agree a way forwards with developing SACRE’s role. 2014 - review of syllabus by the previous SACRE group which was agreed by Middlesbrough schools. Previous chair has decided to step aside but AW has asked for possible support. Actions need to be decided in order to ensure that we are meeting statutory requirements and ensuring the best provision for Middlesbrough Children.


Advice needed from those who have been involved in other SACRE groups with regards to constitution. There does not appear to be a formal document in place. North Yorkshire terms of reference document could possibly be shared - this has the same headings as document shared by AW.

Your Local SACRE document discussed as follows:

a) Purpose and attendance of groups:

  • Group A: There are gaps in terms of other Christian denominations. SK will contact other denominations: education department Middlesbrough Diocese, Methodist and Quaker local representatives. Up to date contact details are available for all religious groups JS - to liaise with SK with regards to this.
  • Group B: Church of England. Depends on how many the LA feel is appropriate - 2 would be sufficient but SACRE don’t give guidance. OS will be one of those for the time being and will liaise with the Bishop in order to identify these representatives (possibly Chaplain from University). Better to have more than one representatives in order to ensure meetings are quorate. Formal nominations needed.
  • Group C: Teaching representatives. AW to approach trade unions. RE teachers usually fulfil the criteria as they are members of Unions. Universities sometimes sit on SACREs - usually if the University has ITT for RE. Teaching School representatives to be organised.
  • Group D: LA representatives. Possibly two local councillors from each of the major parties. AW to talk to Jeanette Walker. AW or SD will attend also and KS if it is necessary to deputise.

Agreed syllabus to be reviewed towards the end of the year.

Annual report to be published at the end of January 2019. Autumn term meeting usually looks at annual report. Date by which it is submitted to SACRE/QCA.

Academies can be independent if they want to but if they don’t deliver the agreed syllabus they need their own agreed syllabus (e.g. MAT syllabus) further guidance available from D f E.

Possible audit to see which academies are delivering the agreed syllabus. Following this is good under-pinning for KS4 specification requirements. Ofsted focus on broad and balanced curriculum means a review of the syllabus is key at this time.

Responsibilities of SACRE members highlighted to the group.

b) What goes into constitution?

Membership is usually 4 years.

Humanist representatives need to be co-opted (no voting rights as they don’t fall into one of the groups outline above). The rep was invited - SK to contact again.

OS tentatively offered to provide as advice and support in the absence of an LA RE officer.

Clerk to SACRE - budget available £5000 per year but not to spend on clerking? AW preference to spend money on impact on pupils. Requirements for compliance of minutes to be checked.

Website- School Improvement Strategy. SACRE work could be included on this as a platform for communication with schools and professionals. OS to pull together statutory requirements for website.

Chair -  one year tenure with September meeting used to nominating chair.

Timings of meetings - 4pm - 6pm agreed by the group.

Usually three meetings per term. AW suggested 5 for the first annual cycle: 1. September (appoint chair/vice chair), 2. late November/early December (to approve annual report) 3. March/April 4. End of May/June, 5. July.

Agenda setting - collaborative agenda. Deadline for agenda items. AW to organise survey in order to determine best dates.

Annual report to be presented to the council.

Expenses may be covered by LA. Cover costs for teachers? If meetings are 4-6pm this will not be an issue. Work on agreed syllabus may require this.

Budget - £5000 to be discussed moving forwards. OS to check funding given. School improvement budget could also support with training for teachers.

Standing orders - annual report should be a standing item. A template for this is available.


We need a properly constituted group in order to do this. Group to fully understand this and are to read the guidelines given. ALL


Lat is an inspirational speaker and delivers RE through a range of media. Whole day suggested for March 7th including training and SACRE meeting 4-6pm but due to illness this may not go ahead. Some members of the group already have commitments on that date, however schools may have already arranged cover for the training. AW to check with Lat’s team in order to see whether the training can be delivered on the 7th March and communicate back to group. A date in May was also suggested but this impacts on exam series - July 3rd or 5th would be more convenient - to be confirmed.


Discussed as above.


Clarification with regards to representation. Can a conversation with possible Hindu representatives be facilitated through VV and SK. AK to approach mosques - to ensure support of local community for representative. They don’t need to have a ministerial role. Representative can be out of local area with the consent. AW to have letter drafted which can be sent out and SK can follow up with phone call. Sometimes there are vacancies in SACREs due to the nature of the local area. Representation can be determined by local community. For example the Shiah mosque in Middlesbrough should be represented. JS to share her project work with the group next time and possibly Head teacher briefings in order to raise awareness of support that could be provided. Discussion around the involvement of the small Jewish community in Middlesbrough - SK to contact the Rabbi in Newcastle with regards to representation. Better representation from a range of groups is important for an agreed syllabus.

Forthcoming events:

10th March Women in Islam event 12-4pm at Teesside University

7th April Middlesbrough game Mela taking place alongside the football next the river (East Stand) - part of community cohesion week in Middlesbrough. 11am -2.30pm, 5-6.30pm. AK to forward information to AW for Learning Middlesbrough website.

Hindu temple every Sunday 3pm, food, music etc. On the first week of the month you can see ceremony. Teachers from any school can attend.

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