SACRE Minutes

SACRE Minutes

Wednesday 7 March 2018
4:00 p.m.
Meeting Room 1, Acklam Green Centre

Attendance Details

A Williams (Chair) L Antill, Councillor D J Branson, S Davidson, S Greenwood , Councillor T Higgins, M Khan, S Khan, A Khazir, C Marshall, D Pearson, N Rehmen, J Surtees, A Tayeb
Item Number Item/Resolution

Membership. Constitution/terms of reference is on the agenda for this afternoon. SK has contacted Jewish community and they have put someone forward but she is already involved in two other SACRE groups. However she is happy to be involved virtually. The Sikh Temple have also been contacted and would like to be involved. Hindu Temple have been contacted but have not responded. Catholic Diocese - we have the name of a teacher who will attend next time. DB can also speak to Catholic Church at Linthorpe. Humanist Church has not been contacted but possibility of Sue Hart as a member - AW to contact. See item 4 for possible membership of a Head teacher.

Agreed Syllabus - is due for renewal in 2019 and needs one year’s preparation. SP suggested that this needs discussion and the July meeting needs to be devoted to this. AW to add to the agenda for July. AW - current syllabus to be circulated with the agenda for the next meeting.

Annual Report. Annual report needs to be submitted to DfE/NASCRE. The group needs to decide on responsibility for annual report, what it will look like and what will be reported. Co-ordination for this is to be considered at the next meeting once members are more established. SK suggested we send out a sample annual report with the next set of minutes so they can make an informed decision re. responsibility for this. AW to action.

Work of SACRE. SK asked if items/work of Middlesbrough SACRE can be reported nationally or just within the region? AW agreed that they could if important and can be included in the annual report.

Constitution and membership - usually 4 years. The group agreed that this would be an acceptable term for membership.

Clerking for SACRE - AW to speak to Governor Services in order to get a cost to provide this. To be brought to next meeting for consideration.

Chair - AW has agreed to do the first meetings and has asked group to consider chairing for the next meeting. One year tenure for this. Query re. the responsibility of the chair. AW - information to be brought to the next meeting. Both a Chair and Vice Chair need to be appointed - suggestion that Vice-Chair shadows in order to take over at the end of the one year tenure of the Chair.

Update on Lat Blaylock (LB) - SP discussed the role of RE Today and LB. Future dates where LB is available for training - 5th July (and Summer meeting) and 25th October (and Autumn meeting). AW unavailable on the 25th October - SD to Chair. Dates agreed by the group.

Jennifer Surtees presented project work - Religion in Middlesbrough. Interactive map showing sites of religious worship created by students themselves and used interactively in lessons. Durham SACRE have asked for this to be presented to them. JS asked the group to provide feedback re. their organisation and possibly old photographs and information about previous places of worship. JS to send a link to the group so that members can view the website, submit any useful information and resources and be involved in any way appropriate. Benefits of this for raising awareness of pupils of other religions and faiths was discussed and the functionality of the site was explained. JS - more schools need to use this resource and link this to enrichment activities; lesson plans are available also. Podcast could be developed e.g. interviews. AW asked if JS (and possibly some pupils) can attend the next Head teachers’ briefing to present this to School Leaders. AW/SD to add to agenda and let JS know date.


LA legal department has provided a draft version of this to be considered. Document discussed. AW to action changes to this document:

Membership. Names to be filled in on the document as they become known to us. AW to have this updated for next meeting. Point 13 - it would be good if a named substitute could be provided. Someone of appropriate standing is necessary. ALL to inform AW who the named substitute would be before the next meeting to ensure meetings are quorate.

Chair/Vice-Chair. Point 16 - mechanism for voting. All agreed on a 'show of hands' for this.

Voting rights. Point 21 - discussed in terms of how individuals/groups can vote. AW to speak to democratic services. SP to e-mail potential wording to AW. This is to be brought to next meeting for discussion. AW to add to agenda.

Tenure. Local Councillors pointed out that their role is undertaken by election and therefore they cannot fully commit to a four year tenure. AW asked ALL members to look to succession planning for their roles in case of change of circumstances affecting membership e.g. teachers moving to schools in other areas.

Agenda. Sending out 21 days in advance is too long; the group agreed on 14 days.

Venue. Change to Acklam Green Centre upstairs room from Town Hall.

Local Authority attendance. Agreed that AW or SD would always attend.

Frequency of meetings. Agreed at last meeting that there will be one meeting per term (three a year).


SP gave feedback on interactive training given to Primary and Secondary Teachers today. Teachers participated well and Jo Smith from Breckon Hill expressed an interest in being a Head teacher representative at SACRE group. Limited attendance of secondaries; discussion ensued as to how the days allocation could be used more effectively. Training could also be offered to RE teachers from the region for a small fee. AW to speak to colleagues regionally to check that this would not conflict with other arrangements in place. DB to speak to staff at Trinity with regards to attending future training. Positive feedback has been received so far with regards to the quality and content of the training today.


Suggestions and feedback from the group. AK raised comments from Imams he has spoken to about attending SACRE with regards to timing as they are leading prayer at this time. SP - SACRE should drive other actions and activities without the membership of the group growing. Membership needs to be finalised. Members can then ensure that information to be effectively communicated back to different organisations.

SP feedback and suggestions from LB. Budget needs to be a consideration. Survey Monkey could be used to find out what Head teachers/teachers would find most helpful. We also need to find about which schools use the agreed syllabus as part of this survey. Also, pupil ambassador conferences can be organised - e.g. 5 pupils from each school attending an RE day at one school and then taking back information and resources to be cascaded. British values and assessment are key considerations for teachers currently. SP to ask LB to forward surveys that have been used before. JS/LA volunteered to help with the survey. We need to market SACRE and work with teachers first before organising a pupil conference. The survey could be used a starting point for further days with SP/LB.

Newsletter. Suggestion of a termly newsletter: SACRE’s previous term’s work, activities, courses, information about curriculum change. Gaps in subject knowledge can also be addressed though training - a discussion ensued as to what training is potentially available. AW suggested that the website could be use currently in order to communicate current work and information; a newsletter could be considered once the group is more established.

ITT Training. Acklam Grange are looking at offering this as there is a shortage of RE teachers regionally and there are no RE ITT providers in the North East. SD to also speak to other Teaching Schools about their plans re. RE training.


Special events

Women in Islam conference

Friends Meeting House - Cleveland and Tees Valley interface group next week 14th March

Chris Hewer 'Understanding Islam' conference at Acklam Grange July 12th and 13th

Possibility of cross-SACRE meetings

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