Executive Member for Community Protection Minutes

Executive Member for Community Protection Minutes

Monday 23 July 2012
10:00 a.m.
Oberhausen Room,Town Hall, Middlesbrough

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Councillor J Rostron
Sharron Brown and Ed Chicken
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The Executive Director of Environment and Adult Social Care submitted a report that sought approval for the Food, Safety and Healthy Living Service Plan for 2012/2013.


The report outlined that as part of the Framework Agreement on Local Authority Food Law Enforcement (the Framework Agreement), the Food Standards Agency requires that Authorities prepare Food Service Plans. Similarly the Health and Safety Commission have provided Section 18 Guidance, which requires that Authorities prepare Health and Safety Service Plans. Regardless of this requirement and in particular because the annual work programme must link with the work of partner organisations, an annual detailed plan is published.

During 2011/12, there was reduction of 2.4 fte in the staffing resource within the Environmental Health Team, which delivers the food safety and health and safety law enforcement service. Together with the posts which had not been filled in 2010/11, this gives an overall staffing reduction of 6.4 fte. During 2010/11 a review of service delivery was undertaken resulted in a change to service delivery which is more focused on contraventions and compliance with the law, thereby reducing the amount of time spent on each inspection. Businesses and the public are also provided with alternative means of accessing information and advice to support them. The service has also reviewed its response to complaints and service requests, increasing service response times and focussing on the higher risk to public and employee health.


The report stated that the food safety and health and safety regulatory functions are currently being reviewed nationally. In November 2011, the Loftsted Report, "Reclaiming health and safety for all: An independent review of health and safety regulation" was published which sets down the agenda for the future delivery of the health and safety regulatory function: Many of the recommendations in this Report will have a direct impact on the regulation of workplace health and safety by the local authority. The timescale for implementing some of these recommendations will impact on the delivery of the regulatory function in 2012/13.


The Food Standards Agency is reviewing how local authorities and port health authorities undertake activities to monitor and secure business compliance with food and feed law. The review is being carried out to ensure that the FSA responsibilities to protect consumers’ interests in relation to food are being fulfilled. The timetable for this review is to be implemented by April 2014. During 2012/13, it is expected that the evidence gathering stage will be undertaken regarding the current delivery of the food law enforcement service. It is likely that formal consultation on options for future delivery will now take place in summer 2013.


The service plan provides information on how services will be provided, it reports on outcomes and performance in 2011/2012 and establishes the performance targets and key issues for 2012/2013. Particular points to note covered the following and details were outlined in the report:


  • Food Hygiene Award Scheme
  •  Enforcement Actions
  • Infectious Disease Control
  • mproving Nutrition Through Local Food Businesses
  • The Food4Health: Cookery Skills Programme
  •  Workplace Health and Safety Inspection / Intervention Programme
  • Flexible Warrants
  • Smokefree Compliance
  •  North East Better Health at Work Award
  • Middlesbrough’s Smokefree Alliance


The Food Safety, Health and Safety Improvement Service Plan 2012-2013 was attached to the report as an appendix.




  1. That the 2012/13 Food, Safety and Healthy Living Service Plan be approved.




The decision was approved by the following reasons:


  1. To be valid, Food Service Plans must be formally endorsed by an Authority’s members to ensure local transparency and accountability.
  2. To be valid, Health and Safety Service plans must be agreed by the elected members.
The decision will come into force after five working days following the day the decision was taken unless the decision becomes subject to the call in procedures.
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