Council Minutes

Council Minutes

Wednesday 5 December 2012
7:00 p.m.
Council Chamber, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Attendance Details

Bloundele (Chair), R Mallon (The Mayor), Councillors Biswas, Brady, Brunton, Budd, Carr, Clark, Coppinger, Cox, Dryden, Harvey, Hawthorne, C Hobson, J Hobson, Hubbard, Hussain, Junier, Kerr, P Khan, S Khan, Loughborough, Lowes, Mawston, McPartland, McTigue, Michna, G Purvis, P Purvis, Rehman, Rooney, Rostron, Sanderson, Saunders, J Sharrocks, P Sharrocks, Taylor, Thompson, J A Walker, N J Walker, Williams
J Bennington, A Hoy, J Lewis, R G Long, G Rollings and M Storey.
Apologies for absence:
Arundale, Cole, Davison, Hanif, Hudson, McIntyre, Morby and Mrs H Pearson
Declarations of interest:


Name of Member Type of Interest Item/Nature of Interest
All Members present Non Pecuniary Agenda Item 14 -Localism Act 2011-General Dispensations- to enable debate on certain matters in accordance with Section 33 of Localism Act 2011
Councillor Taylor Non Pecuniary Agenda Item 6 - Executive Member for Social Care report- Levick Court - Relative of resident
Councillor Brunton Non Pecuniary Agenda Item 6 - Executive Member for Social Care report - Levick Court - Levick Trust Member
Councillor Rostron Non Pecuniary Agenda Item 6 - Executive Member for Social Care report - Levick Court - Levick Trust Member
Item Number Item/Resolution

The minutes of the meetings of Middlesbrough Council held on 17 and 22 October 2012 were submitted and approved as a correct record.


ORDERED that in accordance with Council Procedure Rule No. 10.1 (c) the Council agreed that the order of business be varied and Agenda Item 14 regarding the Localism Act 2011 be considered prior to Agenda Items 11 and 12 in order to enable appropriate debate on such matters in accordance with Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011.




The Chair referred to recent election results. On 15 November 2012 Barry Coppinger was elected as Cleveland’s first Police and Crime Commissioner and on 29 November 2012 Andy McDonald was elected as the Member for Parliament for Middlesbrough.




The Chair referred to a letter which had been received from the Editor of the Times expressing their appreciation to Middlesbrough Council in supporting their campaign for Cities Fit For Cycling which was seen as a first step in implementing a new approach to cycling infrastructure in the UK.


Reference was also made to a letter received from the Department of Transport a copy of which was circulated at the meeting in which it was confirmed that since February 2012, £30m had been made available to local authorities for various measures to assist cyclists.




The Mayor presented a statement a copy of which would be circulated to all Members.


In his initial comments the Mayor reiterated that whilst it was acknowledged that the Government had to cut public expenditure the extent and the pace at which such cuts had to be implemented were considered to be too severe given the increased demands on services arising from high levels of deprivation, unemployment, an ageing population and increased numbers of children looked after.


As part of the background to the position statement the Mayor gave some initial thoughts on the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement. Over the last two years the Council had made £28 million budget reductions through efficiency savings and service reductions which also included over 450 job losses with an additional loss of £8.9million following the cessation of Working Neighbourhoods Fund in March 2011. Based on current assessments of Government spending plans the Council would need to reduce spending in the next three years by at least a further £33 million which as previously indicated was now likely to be followed by further year on year cuts until 2018.


The Mayor stressed the importance of pursuing aspirations and ambitions for the town and be reminded of the many positive achievements as outlined in the statement including:


Middlehaven, one of the north east’s largest regeneration schemes and Middlesbrough’s flagship regeneration project;

Use of Heritage Lottery Fund to refurbish and upgrade the Transporter Bridge and visitor centre;

Refurbishment, investment and provision of new properties in Gresham;

Development and investment in Grove Hill;

Demolition and subsequent development of Trinity Gardens, North Ormesby;

Flagship regeneration project at West Lane;

Specialist housing provision at Levick Court, STAGES Academy and Rainham House;

Provision of 2,760 new homes over eight years to 2011/2012 which represented a 42% increase on the previous eight years;

Erimus had spent £182 million in planned investment affecting over 10,000 homes and £6.2 million had been invested in facelift programmes;

Boho Zone which was the fastest growing business sector;

Retail initiatives in the Town Centre such as the Corner Emporium and work at Baker Street and Zetland Square;

Teesside University, one of the key cornerstones of Middlesbrough’s economy;

Building Schools for the Future;

mima which had a major role to play in supporting the Town’s economic regeneration;

Development of Prissick Sports Village;

James Cook University Hospital Rail Link;

Key improvements to the local transport network in and around Middlesbrough;

Restoration of Stewart Park;

Reduced levels of crime;

Improvements in educational attainment.


The Mayor also referred to his concerns and the potential harm caused by negative comments which had been expressed on numerous occasions by an unnamed small group of people as outlined in the Mayor’s statement.


Members expressed support for the Town’s achievements as outlined in the Mayor’s statement and of the need for continued efforts in attracting investment from various sources. In commenting on the many developments Members also referred to the need to expand the area’s manufacturing sector. In pursuing available options Members acknowledged the work of Officers in examining new ways of working.


In his concluding remarks the Mayor acknowledged the supporters of Ayresome Industries in attendance at the meeting and gave an assurance that their comments together with other responses arising from the budget consultation exercise would be considered and a further update provided in the next budget statement to be presented to Council at its meeting to be held on 18 December 2012.




The Chair invited Members to raise items for general discussion arising from the Information Booklet of Executive Member reports (previously circulated) which detailed activities carried out within the respective Executive Member portfolios (Section 1), Executive decisions taken (Section 2) or to be taken where known, prior to and following the meeting (Sections 3 and 4).

Members commented or posed questions in relation to the following matters and Executive Members responded where appropriate:-

(a) Supporting Diversification into Micro Renewables - Taking Digital/City Forward- Working for Teesside - Back to Work Roadshow - Regional Growth Fund Round Three


The Executive Member for Regeneration and Economic Development acknowledged Member’s positive comments regarding the excellent work being undertaken and opportunities being pursued with regard to the above.


(b) Brambles Farm Community Centre


The Executive Member for Regeneration and Economic Development concurred with the Members’ comments regarding the success in securing the completion of the Community Asset Transfer of the Brambles Farm Community Centre to the Hope Foundation and what could be achieved in difficult circumstances.

(c) Loan Sharks


The Executive Member for Regeneration and Economic Development supported Members’ comments regarding the constraints of current legislation with regard to loan sharks and praised the efforts of those involved in the national winner of a ‘Stop Loan Sharks’ award for outstanding endeavours to raise awareness of crimes associated with loan sharks.

(d) Achievement


In response to Members’ comments the Executive Member for Children, Families and Learning confirmed that a letter of congratulations would be circulated to Head Teachers and Chairs of Governors regarding positive comments made by the Chief Executive of the National College regarding the Teaching School Alliance and the model developed by Pallister Park and the LA for its vision and values.


(e) Middlesbrough Achievement Partnership


The Executive Member for Children, Families and Learning acknowledged Members’ supportive comments of what had been achieved in developing the Middlesbrough Achievement Partnership.




Council received and considered a report submitted by the Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Board outlining the work of the Board and Scrutiny Panels.


Members’ attention was drawn to the significant number of issues considered by the Board at recent meetings.



Council received and considered a report introduced by the Executive Member for Community Protection seeking the Council’s approval of the Licensing Policy Statement as outlined in Appendix 1 of the report submitted which required to be reviewed every three years in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005.


Confirmation was given of the required consultation which had been undertaken on the proposed revisions to the Gambling Licensing Policy and taken into account in formulating the final draft policy.


Moved, seconded and ORDERED as follows:-


1. That the responses to the statutory consultation on the contents of the draft Licensing Policy as outlined be noted.

2. That the Gambling Act 2005: Licensing Policy Statement be approved and adopted with effect from 31 January 2013.


There were no questions.


Council received a report from the Director of Legal and Democratic Services, presenting the recommendations of the Independent Panel on Members’ Remuneration as outlined in Appendix 1 to the submitted report.


Following major changes in respect of the composition of the Standards Committee, the terms of reference of the Committee and the Standards regime the Independent Panel on Members’ Remuneration following a review had recommended that the Chair of the Standards Committee continued to receive a Special Responsibilities Allowance but at a reduced rate to reflect the reduction in duties and responsibilities of the Chair.


Moved, Seconded and ORDERED that the recommendations of the Independent Panel on Members’ Remuneration be endorsed and the Special Responsibilities Allowance payable to the Chair of the Standards Committee be reduced from £6,130 per annum to £3,070per annum with immediate effect.

12/63 SCHEME OF ALLOWANCES 2012/2013

Council received and considered a report of the Director of Legal and Democratic Services outlining a proposed Scheme of Allowances for the year 2012/2013.


The schedule reflected the recommendation of the Independent Panel on Members’ Remuneration in respect of the Chair of the Standards Committee and also the legislative changes of the Localism Act 2011 in so far as independent persons were no longer allowed to chair Standards Sub-Committees.


Moved, seconded and ORDERED that the Scheme of Allowances for 2012/2013 be approved and adopted.


                                                                                      SCHEDULE 1

The following are specified as the special responsibilities in respect of which special responsibility allowances are payable, and the amounts of those allowances (such amounts to be varied in accordance with any variation made to the basic allowance)


OFFICE                                                                                                                           ALLOWANCE
Mayor (Basic Allowance x 10)                                                                                    61,300
Deputy Mayor (Basic Allowance x 3)                                                                         18,390

Executive Members (Basic Allowance x 2)                                                              12,260

Chair of Overview & Scrutiny Board (Basic Allowance x 2)                                   12,260

Chair of Licensing Committee (Basic Allowance x 1.5)                                          9,200

Chair of Planning & Development Committee
(Basic Allowance x 1.5)                                                                                                  9,200

Chair of the Council (Basic Allowance x 1)                                                                 6,130

Chair of Corporate Affairs Committee (Basic Allowance x 1)                                  6,130

Chairs of Scrutiny Panels (Basic Allowance x 1)                                                        6,130

Chair of Staff Appeals Committee (Basic Allowance x 1)                                         6,130

Chair of Audit and Governance Committee
(Basic Allowance x 1)                                                                                                       6,130
Vice Chair of the Council (Basic Allowance x 0.5)                                                      3,070

Chair of Teesside Pension Fund & Investment Panel
(Basic Allowance x 0.5)                                                                                                    3,070

Chair of Standards Committee (Basic Allowance x 0.5)                                           3,070

Political Group Leaders:

Majority Group (Basic Allowance x 1.5)                                                                         9,200

Largest Minority Groups - maximum x 2 providing they
have 10% of Council membership (Basic Allowance x 0.5)                                     3,070



There were no urgent motions.


Council received and considered a report of the Director of Legal and Democratic Services which recommended that a general dispensation be granted to those Members who had applied for a dispensation in respect of matters that may affect so many Councillors that the Council or Committee would be inquorate.


As part of the new standards arrangements the report provided information on the Localism Act 2011 and Regulations made thereunder, which introduced the concept of disclosable pecuniary interests and also new rules in respect of dispensations.


Moved, seconded and ORDERED that a four year general dispensation be granted to all Members of the Council with the exception of Councillor Morby in respect of the matters outlined in the report submitted and in accordance with the Localism Act 2011.

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