Council Minutes

Council Minutes

Wednesday 16 May 2018
7:00 p.m.
Council Chamber, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Attendance Details

Councillor S E Bloundele (Chair); Councillor R Brady (Vice-Chair), Councillor R Arundale, Councillor S Biswas, Councillor J Blyth, Councillor D J Branson, Councillor J Brunton Dobson, Mr D Budd, Councillor M Carr, Councillor D P Coupe, Councillor D Davison, Councillor J Goodchild, Councillor T Harvey, Councillor A Hellaoui, Councillor T Higgins, Councillor C Hobson, Councillor J Hobson, Councillor N Hussain, Councillor L Lewis, Councillor T Mawston, Councillor D McCabe, Councillor J McGee, Councillor L McGloin, Councillor J McTigue, Councillor J Mohan, Councillor G Purvis, Councillor P Purvis, Councillor J Rathmell, Councillor D Rooney, Councillor J Rostron, Councillor M Saunders, Councillor J Sharrocks, Councillor M Storey, Councillor Z Uddin, Councillor J A Walker, Councillor N J Walker, Councillor V Walkington, Councillor M Walters, Councillor L Young
J Bromiley, A Brown, B Carr, S Dorchell, L Henman, A Hoy, D Johnson, E Kunonga, A Pain, T Parkinson, S Reynolds and B Roberts
Apologies for absence:
Councillor S Dean, Councillor E Dryden, Councillor B A Hubbard, Councillor T Lawton, Councillor F McIntyre, Councillor C M Rooney, Councillor M Thompson, Councillor J Young
Declarations of interest:

None Declared

Item Number Item/Resolution

The Head of Legal and Democratic Services invited nominations for the election of the Chair of the Council for the Municipal Year 2018 - 2019.


Nominations were received and seconded in respect of Councillor Bloundele and Councillor Rathmell. On a vote being taken, Councillor Bloundele received 26 votes and Councillor Rathmell received 8 votes.


Moved, seconded and ORDERED that Councillor Bloundele be elected as the Chair of the Council for the Borough of Middlesbrough to hold office for the Municipal Year 2018 - 2019 pro tem.


The Chair of the Council invited nominations for the election of the Vice-Chair of the Council for the Municipal Year 2018 - 2019.


A nomination was received and seconded in respect of Councillor Brady.


Moved, seconded and ORDERED that Councillor Brady be elected as Vice-Chair of the Council for the Borough of Middlesbrough to hold office for the Municipal Year 2018 - 2019 pro tem.

18/3 MINUTES - COUNCIL - 28 MARCH 2018

The minutes of the Council meeting held on 28 March 2018 were submitted and approved as a correct record.



The Chair of the Council announced with sadness, the death of Malcolm Pritchard, former Councillor and past Mayor of Middlesbrough. The Chair paid tribute to Mr Pritchard.


All present stood in silence as a mark of respect.


The Head of Legal and Democratic Services presented the report of the Independent Panel on Members' Remuneration for 2018.


Members were advised that Members Allowances were reviewed on an annual basis. However there was an expectation that a robust full review of allowances and SRAs would take place every four years.



The quadrennial review had taken place. Having considered neighbouring and similar authorities, the Members' Remuneration Panel recommended that the basic allowance be raised over a period of four years from the current £6,378 to a final figure in 2021-22 of £8,184 (plus parity with any staff pay awards), with the figure for this financial year being £6,830. The Panel also recommended that over the same period the rate of SRAs should be reduced by 14%, without parity with staff pay awards, and that the current multiplier system should be suspended for that four-year period (but reviewed after two years). The report was presented for members’ consideration and determination.


The Mayor advised that the issue of Members' Remuneration was not an easy subject. He thanked the Members' Remuneration for their recommendations and he indicated that he agreed that the current basic allowance for Middlesbrough Councillors was too low in comparison to other local authorities. The Mayor stated that the sensible phasing in of the allowances over a four year period was attractive, however he stated that in his view, the subject of Members' Remuneration for the following four years should be a matter for the new Councillors to make a decision on, following the elections in 2019.


The Mayor proposed that no action be taken to implement the new scheme and that the current scheme remain in place for the year 2018/19.


A member proposed that a recorded vote be taken at this point. The proposal was seconded. The Head of Legal and Democratic Services advised that in order for a Recorded Vote to take place, 12 Councillors had to demand it.  A vote ensued with regard to whether a Recorded Vote should take place. Only nine Councillors indicated that they would like to have a recorded vote and consequently member proceeded to vote on whether to accept the proposals of the Members' Remuneration Panel in respect of the Members' Scheme of Allowances.


It was Moved, Seconded and ORDERED that no action be taken to implement the new Scheme of Allowances and that the current scheme remain in place for the year 2018/19.


The Head of Legal and Democratic Services advised that following on from the previous report, this item set out the Members’ Scheme of Allowances for 2018/19. It was requested that Members note that the basic allowance figure set out at paragraph 3 and in Schedule 1 of the report was incorrect, and should read £6,830.


The Head of Legal and Democratic Services advised that, given that Members had rejected the recommendations in the previous report, the figures in this report would need to be revised to take account of that decision. The Head of Legal and Democratic Services advised that the revised document would be circulated for Members’ information.


It was Moved, Seconded and ORDERED that the Scheme of Allowances be amended to reflect the fact that Members had agreed that the current Scheme of Allowances remain in place for the year 2018/19, and that the revised document be circulated to Members for information. 


The Head of Legal and Democratic Services presented a report in respect of Political Balance Allocation of Place 2018, the purpose of which was to recommend the allocation of places on Committees and Sub-Committees for 2018 in accordance with the political balance of the Council.


The Head of Legal and Democratic Services advised that this was the usual format for the allocation of places on Committees in light of the objections received to the waiving of political balance, based on the calculation methods set out in the report. Members were therefore asked to approve the allocation of places as indicated at Table 4 of the report.


It was Moved, Seconded and ORDERED as follows:


1. That the allocation of seats on committees that were subject to the rules relating to political balance be approved as follows:


Labour - 116 seats
Conservative - 18 seats
Middlesbrough Independent Councillors Association (MICA) - 18 seats
Independents - 19 seats


2. That the Monitoring Officer be authorised to fill the unallocated seats as indicated in paragraph 14 and make any necessary further adjustments to remove or replace members where directed by the relevant group or member.


3. That any committee established prior to the next review be appointed on the basis of the places shown in Table 3 attached to the report.


As required by the Council’s Constitution, a report was submitted setting out membership of the Executive appointed by the Mayor as at Appendix B together with details of the Executive Scheme of Delegation as at Appendix A delegating responsibility for certain functions to the Executive, Individual Executive Members, Executive Sub-Committees, joint arrangements and, where appropriate, Officers of the Council.


Moved, seconded and ORDERED that the report be noted.


Council received a report of the Monitoring Officer, regarding the establishment of committees, sub-committees, boards, panels and working groups for the 2018-2019 Municipal Year, or until amended by Council, (whichever was the latter)


Schedule A of the report submitted set out the Executive and Executive Sub-Committees and Advisory Bodies as agreed by the Mayor.


Schedules B and C identified the nominations received from the various groups and individual Councillors for places on the committees to be established by the Council in accordance with Sections 15 and 16 of the Local Government Act 1989 and Local Government (Political Groups and Committees) Regulations 1990.


The report included a list of current vacancies on various committees and nominations were put forward at the meeting by the individual Members’ concerned.


Moved, seconded, and ORDERED as follows:


1. That the membership, size and terms of reference of the Executive, its sub-committees and advisory bodies approved by the Mayor as set out in Schedule A in the Appendix to the submitted report, be noted.


2. That the appointment of chairs and vice-chairs of Executive sub-committees and advisory bodies, as indicated in Schedule A in the Appendix to the submitted report, be noted.

3. That the committees, sub-committees, boards, panels and working groups be established, and the terms of reference as detailed in the Schedules B and C in the Appendix to the submitted report be approved for the 2018-2019 Municipal Year, or until amended by Council, (whichever was the latter).


4. Council approved (a) the places allocated in accordance with the wishes of the political groups and other Councillors as shown and (b) the chair/vice-chair appointments indicated for the 2018-2019 Municipal Year, or until amended by Council, (whichever was the latter).


5. That the following appointments, nominated at the meeting, be approved:


Schedule B Appointments:

Casino Licensing Sub Committee - Councillor Higgins and Councillor Lewis

Casino Licensing Sub Committee (Substitutes) Councillor Biswas, Councillor Goodchild and Councillor Harvey


Schedule C Appointments:

Ad Hoc Scrutiny Panel - Councillor McGloin 


Children and Young People's Learning Scrutiny Panel - Councillor Hubbard


Children and Young People's Social Care and Services Panel - Councillor Rathmell


Corporate Health and Safety Committee - Councillor Saunders


Culture and Communities Scrutiny Panel - Councillor Mohan - also take Councillor Hellaoui off and replace with Councillor Uddin 


Health Scrutiny Panel - Councillor McGloin - also take Councillor Goodchild off and replace with Councillor Hellaoui


Licensing Committee - Councillor Blyth, Councillor Dryden and Councillor Hussain


Staff Appeals Committee - Councillor Mawston


Teesside Pension Fund Committee - Councillor Davison (Take off Councillor McTigue)


Works Council - Councillor McGloin and Councillor Rathmell


A report of the Head of Legal and Democratic Services, regarding the appointment of representatives to joint committees and outside bodies had been circulated.


Moved, seconded and ORDERED as follows:-


1. That appointments to the organisations shown in Appendices A (Council nominations) and B (Council/Executive nominations) of the report submitted, for the 2018-2019 Municipal Year be approved, until amended by Council/Executive, (whichever was the latter).


2. That the following appointments for the 2018-2019 Municipal Year, nominated at the meeting, be approved and noted, until amended by Council/Executive (whichever was the latter).


Appendix A: Council Nominations

Better Health Programme Joint Committee - vacancy carried forward


Cleveland Police and Crime Panel - Councillor Davison

Cleveland Show Society - Councillor Branson and Councillor J Walker


NEREO (North East Regional Employers Organisation) - Councillor L Young


Tees Valley Combined Authority - Audit and Governance Committee - Named Substitute - Councillor D Rooney


Tees Valley Combined Authority - Transport Committee - Named Substitute - Councillor C Rooney


Appendix B - Council/Executive Nominations


Captain Cook Birthplace Trust - Councillor Branson and Councillor Higgins


Appendix C - Executive Appointments


Corporate Parenting Board - Councillor McGloin


Local Government Association - Minority Group Leader - Councillor Saunders


Nunthorpe and Marton Playing Fields Association - Management Committee - 2 vacancies - (Ward Member)
Councillor Mawston and Councillor McGloin


The Head of Legal and Democratic Services submitted a report, the purpose of which was to consider and approve amendments to the Constitution.


Members were advised that the report related to four separate matters: (a) the Financial Procedure Rules; (b) Standards Matters; (c) the Member/Officer Protocol; and (d) the Council Procedure Rules.

In respect of the Financial Procedure Rules, there was an amendment to paragraph 11.5 of the Rules, to bring the key decision limit for capital schemes into line with other key decision limits (£150,000);

Changes to the Code of Conduct procedures, included:

  • A timetable for dealing with complaints;
  • Tests for accepting a complaint;
  • Details of member involvement and information;
  • Codification of informal resolution options;
  • A non-comprehensive list of possible sanctions; and
  • Refreshed complaint form.

The Member Officer Protocol Introduced a new section (20) dealing with the consequences of a breach of the Member/Officer Protocol, and clarified the scope of political assistants’ roles in group publicity.

In respect of the Council Procedure Rules, clarification was provided in respect of the timing for Extraordinary Meetings.


A Member referred to the Code of Conduct report, Appendix 2 - Investigation Procedures and the reference to the Data Protection Act 1988 and suggested that the report be deferred until the General Data Protection Regulations were introduced. The Head of Legal and Democratic Services advised that as the Monitoring Officer, he had delegated authority to make any amendments as a result of changes to legislation.


It was Moved, Seconded and ORDERED that the amendments to the Constitution in respect of: (a) the Financial Procedure Rules; (b) Standards Matters; (c) the Member/Officer Protocol; and (d) the Council Procedure Rules be approved.


The Head of Legal and Democratic Services presented a report, setting out alterations to Council dates in June, July, and October. Members were also requested to note a change in date for the Teesside Pension Fund Committee meeting from 20 June 2018 to 27 June 2018.


Moved, seconded and ORDERED that the revised dates to Committees be noted. 


The Mayor presented a report, the purpose of which was to recommend the establishment of a single Health and Wellbeing Board between Middlesbrough Borough Council and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council.


The report set out the benefits of establishing a single Health and Wellbeing Board and the proposed Governance arrangements for the Board.


It was Moved, Seconded and ORDERED that the establishment of a single Health and Well-being Board with Redcar & Cleveland Council be approved. 


The Mayor made reference to the following as part of his Annual Statement:


The Mayor attended the formal handover of the Town Hall from Kier on 27 March 2018, following the £88m restoration. A number of successful events had already been held in the Town Hall and the quadrangle, some involving young people and it was hoped that more use of the quadrangle would be made for outside events.


The Town Hall had been designated as a National Portfolio organisation by Arts Council England which not only meant that an extra £249k funding for the next four years would be received to support programmes, events and artistic projects, it also put the Town Hall on the national map. Later in the month, to celebrate the reopening, the Town Hall, would be hosting an event involving 100 local people, called Erimus to celebrate the future of the Town Hall and what it meant to come from Middlesbrough. The Mayor encouraged people to attend the event.


The restored Town Hall represented a symbol for Middlesbrough, redefining itself as a city at the centre of a city region. The Mayor stated that Middlesbrough deserved city scale venues like the Town Hall and the Snow Centre. Plans to build Grade A office accommodation around the edge of Centre Square would strengthen the city centre.


The key priorities of the Investment Prospectus had been delivered by an innovative and forward thinking Council. The Investment Prospectus had delivered 680 jobs and brought £116m investment into Middlesbrough. The Mayor stated that he would like to thank all of the staff for delivering services.


The Mayor reflected on people that had been present in the Council Chamber over the past 130 years such as Hugh Bell, suffragettes such as Alice Schofield Coates, Marion Coates Hanson and more recently Ashok Kumar, Hazel Pearson and Bernie Taylor, amongst many others. The Mayor emphasised that it was important to conduct Council business with respect.


The Mayor reflected on the 100 year anniversary of some women receiving the vote. He indicated that he was proud regarding the fact that Middlesbrough Council had highlighted the issue of period poverty. He stated that he was pleased that Middlesbrough Council continued to promote equality and celebrate diversity. The Bottle of Notes had been lit up to celebrate World Aids Day and International Women's Day. The Council had obtained funding to increase community cohesion, support the Mela and work to tackle hate crime by delivering awareness and reporting training across Middlesbrough.


The Council was committed to tackling poverty. The Mayor stated that many young people who were affected by poverty relied on nutritious school dinners provided in schools but struggled when the school holidays arrived. This was the reason why the Council had established the Holiday Hunger Scheme which involved over 600 children enjoying a healthy school lunch with 250 parents during the summer holidays. The scheme also provided cookery demonstrations, toothbrush packs, trips out to the North Yorkshire Moors and physical activity sessions.


The Mayor advised Members that he had opened the Live Well Centre in Dundas House, in July last year. The Centre brought together Public Health and support services of all kinds under one central hub to encourage people to live healthy lives. Every year, it was pointed out that there was a huge life expectancy gap between the wealthy and the less well off. It was hoped that the work being carried out at the hub would soon narrow this gap.  

The Landlord Licensing Scheme in North Ormesby had been very successful in tackling rogue landlords and driving up standards, with over 90% of properties being licensed and a number of convictions for those landlords that had refused to be licensed. The revenue raised had been used to provide early help to residents that needed it to provide support to avoid them reaching crisis point. 


The Mayor stated that he was proud of the Council's record in Middlesbrough but harsh cuts to public services and cruel cuts in benefits had harsh consequences for some residents of Middlesbrough.


The Railway Station was a key gateway to Middlesbrough but had suffered from many years of under investment. The Council had pushed to see the Railway Station restored and brought up to date and so far £3m had been spent on restoring part of the building to its former glory. The new Masterplan for the Railway Station would see a new frontage and an additional platform added to ensure that the station was ready for the new direct link to London.


The Council was also drawing up a Social Regeneration Strategy. Officers were engaging with the community groups to equip them to have community conversations to find out what local people valued about living in Middlesbrough and how they wanted the communities to feel.    


The Mayor reminded Members that one of his key Manifesto pledges was to open a community bank. Fair access to credit was a huge issue for many people. The extortionate interest rates charged by some pay day money lenders and loan sharks was crippling. People in Middlesbrough needed a place to be able to access safe affordable credit. Middlesbrough needed a modern community bank in the centre of Middlesbrough. It had taken some time to establish, but it was hoped that the community bank would open later in the year.


Middlesbrough had a lot to celebrate in the past, but the Council wanted to be an inclusive and caring Council in the future. 







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