Executive Member for Economic Development and Infrastructure Minutes

Executive Member for Economic Development and Infrastructure Minutes

Wednesday 22 November 2017
12:30 p.m.
Spencer Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

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Councillor L Young
S Blood, D Johnson M Quinn
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The Director of Growth and Place submitted a report  to summarise and respond to comments received during the public consultation on the draft Middlesbrough Housing Strategy and to adopt the amended Middlesbrough Housing Strategy.


The report outlined that  the Deputy Mayor and Executive Member for Regeneration (28 April 2017) approved the draft Housing Strategy for public consultation. It was also agreed that the comments received would be taken into consideration in finalising the Housing Strategy, which would then be brought to a future meeting of the Executive for adoption.


A six-week public consultation on the draft Housing Strategy commenced 12 June and concluded 28 July 2017. A press release was issued and the document was made available on the Council’s website and intranet, as well as being promoted via Twitter and Facebook. A wide range of individuals and organisations were also sent the document direct, including all Elected Members. Half-way through the consultation reminders were issued.


Comments received during the public consultation are summarised at Appendix 1. Some of the key themes coming out of the consultation included:


  • Welfare Reform;
  • How the Council assesses Housing Needs;
  • Greenfield versus Brownfield development;
  • Importance of Infrastructure in planning new homes;
  • Need for more strategic context;
  •  Importance of Environmental considerations in planning new homes;
  • Town Centre Regeneration;
  • Importance of community and community Involvement, including in priority neighbourhoods;
  • Private Rented Sector;
  • Gresham;
  • Links between poor housing quality and health;
  • Housing Design for residents with disabilities/mobility issues;
  •  Supported Housing funding;
  •  Retirement Villages/Housing for Older People;
  •  Care Leavers and transition to adulthood;
  •  Learning Disabilities provision in the community;
  •  Dementia provision; and,
  •  Lifetime Neighbourhoods.

 Appendix 1 of the report set out proposed Council responses to the comments received, including recommended changes to the draft strategy. Having taken the comments of consultees into account, the amended Housing Strategy is provided at Appendix 2. It was currently in pre-publication format and a more accessible document will be prepared and published on the Council’s website after it has been adopted.


The Middlesbrough Housing Strategy highlights in broad terms what the Council considers to be the key issues and what needs to be done about them. In taking the adopted strategy forward these matters will be further explored with partners and other stakeholders so as to share ideas and ensure a common understanding of expectations and responsibilities. Key actions under each objective will be set out in an Action Plan, against which progress will be reviewed at regular intervals.




That the Executive endorses the responses to comments received during the consultation (Appendix 1) and adopts the amended Middlesbrough Housing Strategy (Appendix 2).




The decisions were supported by the following reasons:


  1. The Middlesbrough Housing Strategy aims to deliver investment in new and existing homes and neighbourhoods in order to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of our communities, help people live healthier and happier lives, drive and support economic growth and mitigate public service challenges and costs.
  2. As such, it will play a major part in helping to deliver the Mayor’s 2025 Vision of a town where people want to live, with fair access to high quality homes for all, and is integral to the town’s Investment Prospectus/Strategy.
  3. An agreed strategic housing vision and priorities will also support and inform the development of a new statutory Local Plan.


The decision will come into force after five working days following the day the decision were published unless the decision becomes subject to the call in procedures.
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