Executive Member - Deputy Mayor/Executive Member for Resources Minutes

Executive Member - Deputy Mayor/Executive Member for Resources Minutes

Monday 25 March 2013
2:00 p.m.
Oberhausen Room,Town Hall, Middlesbrough

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Councillor D Budd
Paul Stephens and Sharron Brown
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The Assistant Chief Executive submitted a report  that provided an overview of the Council’s performance, and its corporate risk register at Quarter Three 2012/13.


The 2012/13 Strategic Plan had set out the Council’s key performance targets and the actions it had planned to take during the year to contribute to the achievement of those targets.


This report summarised the Council’s performance against the 2012/13 Strategic Plan. In line with the Council’s commitment to data transparency, a complete breakdown of performance would be published at www.middlesbrough.gov.uk/open-data.


The report gave a further breakdown of information of the different service areas:

  • Neighbourhoods and Communities (Environment and Regeneration)
  • Wellbeing, Care and Learning (Adult Social Care and Children, Families and Learning)
  • Corporate / Central Services

Following the quarterly risk review, the total number of corporate risks stood at 23. The following were identified as posing the highest risk to the achievement of the Council’s objectives:


Rank           Risk

=1               Budget: inability to achieve a balanced budget due to reducing settlement.
=1               Welfare Reform: withdrawal of funding to administrate Housing Benefit.
=3               Local Economy: no or limited growth due to Government austerity measures.
=3               Housing Market Renewal: lack of progress due to reduced national funding.
=3               Education Reform: loss of influence / funding as schools convert to academy status.


Welfare Reform remained the area of uncertainty and brought changes to housing and other benefits from April 2013. Work to mitigate the reforms continued to be delivered, as planned, through the action plan and communications strategy which was agreed jointly by FIG and the Welfare Reform Group.


The risk relating to the transfer of Public Health responsibilities to the Council (the joint highest at Quarter Two) had been reduced as the budget had been finalised. Future issues around the transition had related to the transfer of contracts and a plan was in place for the effective management of the process.


The Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Board considered Quarter Three performance and risk update on 14th March 2013.


No options were outlined within the report as the report was for imparting information only.




That the Council’s performance and key corporate risks at Quarter Three 2012/13 be noted.




The decision was supported by the following reason:


To ensure that monitoring of performance and risk at both a member and senior officer level remains robust in order to enable the effective delivery of the Council’s strategic priorities.

The decision(s) will come into force after five working days following the day the decision(s) were published unless the decision becomes subject to the call in procedures.
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