Deputy Mayor and Executive Member for Finance and Governance Minutes

Deputy Mayor and Executive Member for Finance and Governance Minutes

Monday 23 June 2014
3:00 p.m.
Stainsby Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

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Councillor D Budd (Chair)
Nigel Sayer and Susie Blood
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The Chief Executive submitted a report that gave an update on progress in respect of Regional Collaborative Procurement Transformation and specifically the changes to governance, finance and staffing.  The report deals with each of these issues and seeks endorsement for the way forward.


The overall functions and objectives of the NEPO Collaborative Procurement Service have been revised in light of the review undertaken last year and subsequent discussions with all authorities.  They have been discussed and objectives agreed by the Joint Committee Executive.  These objectives will be delivered within a culture of collaboration, innovation and with pace to secure the desired outcomes for authorities and generate a positive effect for local, sub-regional and regional communities, economies and suppliers.  This will be rooted in good understanding of individual parties and local / sub regional communities in order to promote economic growth.  The intention is to be a centre for excellence for all collaborative procurement activity.  NEPO will work closely with colleagues across authorities to create buy-in to proposals rather than mandating or requiring formal opt-outs.  The options for procuring through other agents will continue.




  1. approve the actions and next steps as detailed in the report, including paragraphs 37 and 38; and
  2. note and endorse the work that has been undertaken to ensure the finance and performance arrangements are appropriate, transparent and sustainable.



The decision was supported by the following reason:


As a consequence of the review which took place last year, actions and next steps need to be taken forward.

The decision will come into force with immediate effect and is not subject to scrutiny call-in procedures.
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