Executive Member for Environment Minutes

Executive Member for Environment Minutes

Wednesday 27 April 2016
10:00 a.m.
Oberhausen Room,Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Attendance Details

Councillor T Harvey
K Sherwood, P Shaw and S Brown.
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The Executive Director of Commercial and Corporate Services submitted a report that sought consideration of the reduction in the number of public bring sites available to residents to deposit their recyclable waste.


There were four Council run public bring site facilities, a fifth site was operated jointly with Stockton Council and a sixth site which was not under Council control.


The four sites which were operated by Middlesbrough Council were comprised of a number of large wheeled bins adapted for the purpose.  They were serviced under contract, however each site required site cleansing and rubbish removal on a daily basis Monday to Friday, with a large accumulation over the weekend which was undertaken by the Council's Area Care teams.


Apart from the Parkway Centre site, the other three had seen a dramatic reduction in tonnage of material deposited for recycling and had reached the point that justified consideration of their future operation.


The report further outlined the various issues (antisocial behaviour, fly tipping and fires) and costs that the Council have had with the bring sites.   The problems at Binks Street led to a petition being presented to Council from the residents and business in the vicinity.


The proposal to offer a reduced level of public bring site provision was in response to the significant increase in recycling participation, since the introduction of the blue lidded bin collections which the Council offered at kerbside on a fortnightly basis.


The report outlined in further detail that there were two options available:

  1. Option 1 - To continue with existing provision - not recommended; and
  2. Option 2 - To rationalise provision and remove the poor performing sites - recommended.

The residents of Linthorpe and Thorntree wanted to express their gratitude to Middlesbrough Council staff who had been exemplary in their response and clean-up.



  1. That the proposal to rationalise the provision of public bring sites be approved.



The decision was supported by the following reason:

  1. To bring about significant environmental improvement, reduce fly tipping waste and release resources to be allocated more appropriately.

The Executive Director for Corporate and Commercial Services submitted a report that sought approval on the changes to the recycling service in those areas with communal recycling containers in back alleys, where it was proposed to move to an individual clear plastic sack based recycling service on a fortnightly basis.


After receiving funding from Central Government to refresh the operation of the recycling service as a whole, Middlesbrough Council changed householders onto an individual 240 litre blue lidded wheeled bin, serviced on a fortnightly basis.  For terraced properties, and flats the Council introduced communal 1100 litre blue lidded communal recycling bins, also emptied on a fortnightly basis.


Since the introduction of the new bins, the level of recycling participation and the tonnage of material recycled had increased significantly, however there had significant issues with contamination, which resulted in the Council bringing the service back in-house.


Bringing the service in-house had allowed collection staff and management to monitor the issues as they arose and it was evident that there was a major problem with contamination in areas with communal recycling bins.


Efforts to address the issue through waste education had very limited success.


The report outlined in further detail that there were two options available:

  1. Option 1 - To continue with the existing provision. Not recommended.
  2. Option 2 - To remove the communal recycling bins from rear alleys and replace with individual sack based front street recycling collection.  Preferred option.



That the proposal to convert the communal recycling bins for use as additional refuse bins and the introduction of a clear sack based individual recycling collection for residents in the affected areas be approved.




The decision was supported by the following reason:


To bring about significant environmental improvement in the back alleys, to reduce levels of contamination in the communal recycling bins, and to provide a similar level of recycling service currently offered to those properties on individual wheeled bins.

The decisions will come into force after five working days following the day the decisions were published unless the decision becomes subject to the call in procedures.
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