Executive Member for Environment Minutes

Executive Member for Environment Minutes

Wednesday 8 March 2017
10:00 a.m.
Stainsby Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

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Councillor T Harvey
G Field and C Lunn.
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The Director of Environment, Property and Commercial Services submitted a report, the purpose of which was to propose a revision to the refuse and recycling collection rounds undertaken by Middlesbrough Council.


Middlesbrough Council collected the following tonnes of waste from over 60,000 domestic properties every year:

  • Green Refuse: 42,354 tonnes;
  • Green Waste: 6,228 tonnes; and
  • Dry Kerbside: 9,977 tonnes.

The service currently had a "patchwork" approach across the whole of the town.  Collections were not focused on one area at a time, but were instead spread across the town.  As the town had grown and the composition of Middlesbrough had changed, this approach was now causing difficulties in respect of ensuring that collections took place on the correct day.  The last full collection round review was carried out in 2008; there had been only small alterations made to the collection rounds since this time.


The submitted report proposed a new collection system for waste that was based on a zonal collection regime; collections would be focused on specific areas of the town at any one time.  This approach would improve the service delivery, as well as make it easier to add new developments to the collection rounds, and therefore improve the customer experience. In particular the zonal system would:

  1. Reduce the number of collection issues that caused delay in collections;
  2. Logistically, all the crews/vehicles worked in close proximity to each other, and could therefore easily assist each other if required;
  3. Promote improved teamwork amongst collection crews;
  4. Facilitate communication for both crews and managers; and
  5. Improve customer satisfaction through the reduction in delays.

It was proposed that the following collection zones and days be introduced:

  • Tuesday - Newport, Longlands / Beechwood, Park, Linthorpe, Acklam;
  • Wednesday - North Ormesby, Ayresome, Kader, Trimdon, Hemlington, Stainton & Thornton;
  • Thursday - Central, Ladgate, Coulby Newham, Marton East, Marton West, Nunthorpe; and
  • Friday - Newport, Berwick Hills & Pallister, Brambles & Thorntree, Park End & Beckfield.

There would be some overlap in certain areas, however in the main, the above wards would be covered on the stated days.


The change from the current rounds meant that approximately 50,000 properties would have their collection day changed.  Clearly, such a change would require a robust communications plan with residents.  A copy of the Communications Plan was shown at Appendix 1 of the submitted report.


A briefing to all Elected Members would be undertaken to ensure that they were fully informed of the impending changes.

Consideration was given to continuing with the present round structure, however, this was deemed less effective and would have delivered poorer customer service.


The Local Authority would aim to implement the revised collection service, week commencing 3 April 2017.


That the proposed changes to refuse and recycling collection rounds in Middlesbrough be approved.



The decision was supported by the following reason:

The new collection rounds would improve service delivery and therefore improve customer satisfaction in respect of Waste Services.

The decision(s) will come into force after five working days following the day the decision(s) was published unless the decision becomes subject to the call in procedures.
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