Health Scrutiny Panel Minutes

Health Scrutiny Panel Minutes

Tuesday 30 January 2018
3:00 p.m.
Spencer Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Attendance Details

Councillor E Dryden (Chair), Councillor L McGloin, Councillor M Walters
Caroline Breheny - Democratic Services Officer
Apologies for absence:
Councillor S Biswas, Councillor R Brady, Councillor A Hellaoui, Councillor C Hobson, Councillor J McGee
Declarations of interest:

There were no declarations of interest.

Item Number Item/Resolution

The minutes of the Health Scrutiny Panel meeting held on 19 December were approved as a correct record.


The minutes of the Health and Well Being Board were noted by the panel and the following points highlighted:-

  • A Children’s Trust Board was to be established with responsibility for the commissioning of integrated services for children, young people and their families. The report was approved by the Council’s Executive on 5 December and would also be presented through the Clinical Commissioning Group's structures.
  • Middlesbrough Council and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council had approved the recommendation for the establishment of a Joint Public Health Service.
  • A submission had been submitted to Sport England and the 'Focus Communitites' would include North Ormesby, Brambles & Thorntree, Grangetown and South Bank.

In response to a request from theChair a briefing note had been provided by the Director of Estates, ICT and Healthcare Records at South Tees NHS Foundation Trust on the impact of the collapse of Carillion on the Trust.. The panel was advised that  the Trust had a PFI contract with a special purpose company: Endeavour SCH Plc. The service contract ran from 2003 to 2033 (30 years) and as part of that arrangement Endeavour provided facilities management (FM) services such as building and engineering maintenance (hard FM) and clearning, catering, laundry, portering and security (soft FM) via Carillion FM. The Trust had no direct contractual link to Carillion FM.


On 15th Janruary it was announced that Carillion PLC were being placed in liquidation and the Government had placed the company into the hands of the Official Receiver who in turn had appointed PwC as the Special Manager to effectively run the business. All of Carillion's 900 staff were now being managed by PwC and guarantees had been given to all staff that they would continue to be paid. The Trust and Endeavour had met daily to review the impact of this matter and were pleased to report that all Carrillion staff continued to work and no hopsital services had been affected.  


It was noted that the Trust would continue to monitor services at James Cook closely and would meet regularly with the PFI Company, Endeavour. It was assumed that all current Carillion staff at James Cook would transfer in to the service provider once appointed. It was anticipated that this could take at least 6 months. The Trust continued to pay Endeavour for FM services (approximately £24m per annum) and would ensure that all services were appropriately provided.  


The Deputy Director of Finance at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Chief Officer and Director of Finance at South Tees CCG were in attendance to provide a presentation on the financial implications of the DDTHRW STP for acute service delivery in Middlesbrough. The Chair made reference to a meeting of the DDTHRW STP Joint OSC on 8 November at which the STP Lead Officer had acknowledged that the NHS was ‘broken and underfunded’. The DDTHRW STP plan effectively no longer existed. The Deputy Director of Finance at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust advised that the world had moved on significantly over the last 2 years and it was not about ignoring what had previously been produced but rather recognising that the NHS was facing a different landscape, with new challenges, and there was probably a need for a refreshed plan. As alluded to at the Joint OSC there were also an opportunity in certain areas to undertake work across Cumbria and the North East that would benefit from additional focus. It was acknowledged that the STP footprint was being revisited and much of the work around what was needed on a South Tees basis was already being undertaken.


AGREED as follows:-


1. That the following data be requested from South Tees CCG for inclusion in the panel’s Final Report: -

a) 2ww cancer waiting times performance [suspected cancer] April 2016 to present day showing numbers of South Tees CCG patients (per month i.e. 320/322 alongside the %) attending North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust for diagnosis.
b) Number of above patients requiring treatment, how many received their first / subsequent treatment at North Tees University Hospital? How many received their first / subsequent treatment at James Cook University Hospital?
c) The number / percentages of the above cohorts receiving treatment in 31, 62 days.
d) 2ww cancer waiting times performance [systematic] - number of patients requiring treatment, how many received their first / subsequent treatment at North Tees University Hospital? How many received their first / subsequent treatment at James Cook University Hospital?
e) The number / percentages of the above cohorts receiving treatment in 31, 62 days.

2. That the report be resubmitted to the next meeting of the panel with the above data included.


The Chair made reference to the work undertaken by the Respite Opportunities and Short Breaks Joint Health Scrutiny Committee in respect of South Tees and HaST CCGs’ current consultation on the future of respite provision for people with learning disabilities, complex needs and autism.


It was advised that a meeting of the Joint OSC was held on 5 January in Stockton. At that meeting the CCG’s provided an update on the decision taken at the CCG’s Governing Body in Common meeting, held on 1 February 2018. The CCG’s had taken the decision to progress to implementation Option 2.


The view was expressed that this decision was worrying both in terms of the proposed changes to the assessment criteria and the impact that the changes in provision would have on very vulnerable adults. There was a potential that some people would no longer qualify for bed based respite and numerous questions remained regarding the suitability and accessibility of flexible community bed based respite. Particularly for those with the most profound and severe needs. The panel was advised that although bed based respite at Bankfields and Aysgarth would continue the current offer would be reduced.


In light of the CCG’s decision each individual local authority now needed to consider its position in respect of the next steps in the process. The power to refer the matter to the Secretary of State had not been delegated to the Joint OSC and therefore each constituent authority retained that power. During the negotiation period consideration would need to be given to the possible concessions that could be made to help ensure the best possible outcome for all parties. In order to assist discussion the Chair requested that the parent/carer representative from Bankfield’s be invited to attend the panel’s next meeting to contribute to that debate. The point was made that Bankfields was a purpose built specialist facility and the panel was keen to ensure that those requiring bed based respite received the best quality care.


AGREED that an invite be provided to the parent/carer representative from Bankfields and Executive Member for Adult Health, Social Care and Public Health to attend the next meeting of the panel.

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