Health Scrutiny Panel Minutes

Health Scrutiny Panel Minutes

Tuesday 11 June 2019
4:00 p.m.
Mandela Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Attendance Details

Councillor J McTigue (Chair), Councillor D P Coupe (Vice-Chair), Councillor C Dodds, Councillor A Hellaoui, Councillor B Hubbard (Substitute for Councillor J Platt), Councillor D Rooney, Councillor J Rathmell (Substitute for Councillor R M Sands), Councillor M Storey and Councillor P Storey
Councillor T Higgens and Councillor M Nugent
Caroline Breheny - Democratic Services Officer
Edward Kunonga - Director of Public Health South Tees
Catherine Parker - Consultant in Public Health
Erik Scollay - Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration
Apologies for absence:
Councillor J Platt and Councillor R M Sands
Declarations of interest:

There were no declarations of interest.

Item Number Item/Resolution

Nominations were sought for the appointment of a Chair Pro Tem of the Health Scrutiny Panel.

Councillor J Rathmell was nominated and seconded and, following a vote, appointed as Chair Pro Tem of the Health Scrutiny Panel.


AGREED that Councillor J Rathmell be appointed as Chair Pro Tem of the Health Scrutiny Panel until amended by the Panel.


Nominations were sought for the appointment of Chair of the Health Scrutiny Panel.


Councillor McTigue was nominated and seconded and, following a vote, appointed as Chair of the Health Scrutiny Panel.


AGREED that Councillor McTigue be appointed as Chair of the Health Scrutiny Panel.


Nominations were sought for the appointment of Vice Chair of the Health Scrutiny Panel.


Councillor Coupe was nominated, seconded, and appointed as Vice Chair of the Health Scrutiny Panel.


AGREED that Councillor Coupe be appointed as Vice Chair of the Health Scrutiny Panel.


The minutes of the Health Scrutiny Panel meeting held on 9 April 2019 were approved as a correct record subject to the following amendments:- 

  • The removal of Cllr J McGee's name from the list of apologies.
  • That in respect of Terms of Reference D, as detailed on page 3, the panel concluded that it welcomed the fact a plan had been formulated, however, it was still unclear as the potential impact the proposals would have on access to health service provision for Middlesbrough residents.

A report detailing the proposed dates for the Health Scrutiny Panel for the 2019/20 municipal year was presented. Following discussion it was agreed that all meetings would be held at 4pm.


AGREED that: -


1. The proposed dates/time be approved and electronic invites for all meetings be sent to the panel Members and relevant officers.


The Democratic Services Officer advised that the CfPS had recently published a document entitled "Scrutiny Frontiers 2019 - Experiences from the scrutiny frontline". The document sought to provide Members with an insight into the best practice being undertaken by scrutiny panels across the country.


A couple of case studies relating specifically to health scrutiny, as contained in the CfPS document, had been included with the panel's papers. In an effort to provide newly elected Members with a greater understanding of the role played by health scrutiny when undertaking reviews and holding decision makers to account.


A video, as produced by the Kings Fund, entitled How does the NHS in England work? An alternative guide was also screened to provide Members with an understanding of the roles played by the various organisations that make up the health and social care sector in England.


Finally, examples of the work undertaken by the Health Scrutiny Panel in Middlesbrough in 2018/19 were provided, namely:-

  • Health and Planning Policy: Childhood Obesity
  • Learning Disability  Respite Services
  • Breast Radiology Diagnostic Services in South Tees

AGREED: that the information provided be noted.


The Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration was in attedance at the meeting to provide Members of the panel with an overview of the work of his department, the relevant legislation, current priorities and future challenges. In terms of the directorate scruture it was advised that there were approximately 450 staff including 115 Social Workers and the Adult Social Work teams provided support to approximately 6300 citizens every day. This ranged from support provided by adult safeguarding to hospital discharge services, domiciliary and residential reablement, as well as commissioning and contract management of services. 


There were a number of current priorites and these included amongst others:- 

  • Delivering the Better Care Fund plan for 2019/20 which sought to join-up health and care services, so that people could manage their own health and wellbeing, and live independently in their communities for as long as possible.
  • Delivering the next stage of Middlesbrough’s elements of the Single Point of Access (Partnership Board and MDT) process to provide more efficient services to citizens through greater integration of health and social care.
  • Implementing the future structure of the forensic social work service, following review, to ensure the service continued to provide safe and effective support to citizens and the broader community.
  • Reviewing the structure of social work fieldwork teams in preparation for re-location to One Centre Square and to ensure services meet the changing needs of citizens and their families.
  • Completeing the Fair Price for Residential Care review to support sustainability for the residential care sector.
  • Maximising opportunities to positively influence the NHS Integrated Care System and Integrated Care Partnership processes and structures aimed at improving health and care.
  • Undertaking business planning and preparation in response to the forthcoming Green Paper(s) on the funding of social care.
  • Expansing Tees Community Equipment Store (TCES) to include children’s equipment to more effectively support young people with disabilities.
  • Recommissioning of ASC frameworks encompassing Mental Health / Learning Disabilities / Physical Disabilities to deliver value for money and improved outcomes.

A number of challenges were highlighted in respect of achieving the above and these were listed as follows:-

  • The pressure of "austerity" - financial allocation reduced from approx. £43M in 2014/15 to approx. £36M in 2019/20.
  • Reliance on short term funding - iBCF, winter pressures monies etc
  • Green Paper(s) on funding for ASC- when and what?
  • NHS Long Term Plan / Integration challenges - regional versus local need.
  • Financial position of the NHS locally  - local Trust and CCG pressures.
  • Increasing Complexity within the groups we support.
  • Fragility of the local care provider marketplace.

The Director of Public Health for South Tees was in attedance at the meeting to provide Members of the panel with an overview of the work undertaken by Public Health South Tees, the current priorities and future challenges.


There were a number of current priorites and these included amongst others:-


Best Start in Life Team:-

  • Strengthen the Maternal Infant and Child Health Partnership (MICH) (governance, performance management framework, action plan) , Development of a multi-agency 'Parenting Strategy'.
  • Support the establishment and implementation of the Joint Commissioning Board for Children and Young People.
  • Transformation of the 5-19 Healthy Child Programme.

 Mental Health & Wellbeing Team:-

  • Develop & implement a South Tees asset-based approach via the '5 ways to wellbeing' ('Connect', 'Be active', 'Take notice', 'Keep learning','Give').
  • Review & develop pathways for individuals with Dual diagnosis of co-occurring mental health and substance issues.
  •  Develop a model of emotional health & wellbeing offer for children and young people in line with the green paper, Future in Minds and CAMHS Transformation Plan recommendations.

Addictions and Vulnerable Groups:-

  • Develop and implement a preventing drug related deaths programme, systems and protocols.
  • South Tees Naloxone programme.
  • Further work on other addictive behaviours and potential support arrangements e.g. gambling, social media, gaming. 

Middlesbrough Community Capacity Building

  • Further develop the Live Well Centre and mobilise the Live Well Motivator team to provide operational liaison and service enhancement support to core preventative and early help services across the town.
  • Work in partnership with Ageing Better Middlesbrough to develop an 'Age Friendly Communities' approach across the borough. 

Health Care Quality, Protection and Intelligence

  • Support the development of an integrated system-wide integrated dataset and intelligence across health, social care, housing, police and wider services.

  • Support the development of a South Tees model for 'social prescribing'.

  • Support the joint commissioning boards for children and young people and for adults and older people and enhance the Local Authority offer to support children at school with medical conditions.

Obesity, Physical Activity and Settings

  • Develop a comprehensive Food Plan across South Tees. 
  • Development of a comprehensive programme of cooking skills and nutrition education training programmes.
  • Development and delivery of the Sport England Local Delivery Pilot. 

Health in all policies and social determinants

  • Health and Wealth: The inclusive growth Opportunities for Mayoral combined authorities.
  • Upstream work on reducing availability of drugs and alcohol.
  • Provide support to the refresh and implementation of the local gambling policies.
  • Air Quality improvement partnership and plans.  

 During discussion the following key points were raised:- 

  • Members requested that updates on the NHS Long Term Plan be added to the Health Scrutiny Work Programme for 2019/20.
  • The publication of the Green Paper on Social Care had been delayed several times and was a real area of concern for all Local Authorities.
  • A recovery walk would be held in Middlesbrough for the first time in September 2019.
  • In terms of opioids, the focus should be on appropriate clinical need and working with clinicians to stamp out inappropriate use.  
  • The panel expressed the view that the opioid issue should be revisited and an invitation extended to Pharmacists and GP’s to attend the panel to further discuss this issue.
  • It would be beneficial if a Member Briefing could be arranged to provide an overview on what the STP/ICS NENC footprint proposals would mean in terms of opportunities, risks and challenges.



1. That the Democratic Services Officer in liaison with the Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration and the Director of Public Health South Tees pull together a draft Health Scrutiny Panel Work Programme for 2019/20 based on the views expressed by  Members.


2. That the Health Scrutiny Panel's Draft Work Programme for 2019/20 be discussed at the panel's next meeting.

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