Joint Health and Wellbeing Board Minutes

Joint Health and Wellbeing Board Minutes

Thursday 31 January 2019
3:00 p.m.
The Boardroom, South Tees CCG,14 Trinity Mews, North Ormesby Health Village, TS3 6AL

Attendance Details

Mr D Budd, Mr M Davis, D Gardner, C Hannaway, I Holtby, I Jeffrey, S Jeffrey, E Kunonga, M Milen, L Pallister, Councillor C M Rooney, E Scollay, A Skelton, Mr A Tahmassebi , D Taylor, Councillor M Thompson, J Walker, H Watson
D Smith - Teesside Hospice
M Adams
J McNally
C Nichols
K Warnock
Apologies for absence:
L Bessant, Councillor M Carr, S Johnson, J Lowe, C Martin, Ms S McArdle, T O'Neill, T Parkinson, P Rice, Councillor J Rostron, B Shaw, Ms C Smith, D Walsh, A Downey, Mr J Harwin,
Declarations of interest:

There were no declarations of interest at this point in the meeting.

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Mayor Budd and Councillor Sue Jeffrey welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made.


The minutes of the Live Well South Tees Health and Wellbeing Board held on 25 October 2018 were agreed as a true and accurate record.


Representatives from the Whippet Up Project provided the Live Well South Tees Board with an overview of the Choosedays Wellbeing in the Woods Pilot Project that had been delivered in Saltburn over the previous 6 months.  Members heard of the health and wellbeing benefits that clients had experienced following attendance at the project which included changing people's focus and building up confidence.  Participants included people with dementia, mental health issues, anxiety and also carers attended.  Some of the activities the project undertook included an arts lunch and immersive dining.


Members heard that the pilot project had come to an end however grants would ensure the project can keep running and work was being undertaken to make the project sustainable.


Members felt that it was important for this type of project to be included as part of a City of Culture bid.


Members were also provided with an update on the Arts in Health day delivered by Damian Hebron, Programme Manager at Nesta’s Health Lab on the 23rd November 2018.


The Arts Health Day was commissioned by the South Tees Health and Wellbeing Board, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council and Middlesbrough Council worked with Damian Hebron to explore the following:

  • Recent Arts in Health policy developments
  • Examples of best practice in the UK and globally
  • Evaluation frameworks and relevant resources
  • Key funding partnerships such as Arts Council England, Nesta, and Esme Fairbairn
  • Place based practice, our local assets and how we might use them

Outcomes for the day were as follows:

  • Presentation of report to the board
  • Sector mapping exercise by Tees Valley Combined Authority
  • Agreement to adopt 5 ways to wellbeing and evidence framework as a group
  • Exploration of Nesta funding for the arts in health South Tees social movement

Art and culture are a critical part of a broader consideration of "wellbeing". This is an important step for the Board to develop their broader consideration and influence over "wellbeing" being much greater than considering "health and wellbeing" as being limited to what can be delivered by the NHS.
To this end, the role of the Live Well South Tees Board includes:

  • To publicly commit to support the development of the South Tees Arts in Health movement
  • To promote arts, heritage, and culture as a key priority for the Board and a critical element of a broader consideration of "wellbeing".
  • Confirm the full commitment of Board member organisations to support partnerships with strategic funders
  • All relevant organisations to sign up to the Movement for Arts in Health

The Live Well South Tees Health and Wellbeing Board is recommended to:

  • Note the update on the Arts in Health day.
  • Confirm the commitment to a broader consideration of "wellbeing" including arts, culture and heritage
  • Confirm the commitment to increasing arts, culture and heritage as a priority for the Board and member organisations.
  • Agree the full commitment of Board member organisations to support the implementation of partnership activities with Arts Council England and other strategic funders.
  • Confirm the commitment of the Board as system leaders to help address issues in the system where there are identified issues preventing progress.
  • Confirm the commitment of all relevant organisations to sign up to the Movement for Arts in Health

Agreed as follows:-

  • The Live Well South Tees Board agreed to the recommendations in the report

Edward Kunonga, Joint Director of Public Health and Public Protection for Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland delivered a presentation to update the Board on the progress made on the implementation of South Tees Integration for delivery, commissioning and intelligence.


The Live Well South Tees Board had agreed:

  • a collective willingness to work together that ensures there is a difference to people's lives, is place based to impact on our communities and raise expectations of local people
  • The development of a Health and Social Care System Integration Programme

The South Tees Health and Wellbeing Executive had been tasked by the South Tees Live Well Board to:

  • Define a clear local vision and scope for integration - delivery and commissioning
  • Consider options for future delivery models
  • Bring forward options for a future commissioning models
  • Review existing governance arrangements and make recommendations for the future
  • Road map for implementation
  • Develop an Integrated Data Set
  • Learn from other systems including - Manchester, Durham and Northumberland

The work carried out to date by the South Tees Health and Wellbeing Executive includes:

  • South Tees Health and Wellbeing Executive have explored how a placed based model of integration can be developed across South Tees
  • Held a multi-agency planning workshop, 29 January 2019, to agree on vision, principles, areas of focus
  • Awarded NHSE's Aspirant ICS Programme Funding (£150k) to provide the capacity to progress at pace and support us in delivering our ambitions.

The Live Well South Tees Board were advised that the next steps would be:

  • Produce the South Tees Integration implementation plan
  • Establish robust Integration Programme management and governance arrangements
  • Develop plans for the use of the Aspirant Funding
  • H&WBB Board Development sessions on:
  • NHS Long Term Plan - implications and developments locally
  • Learning from other systems

Agreed as follows:-

  • The Live Well South Tees Board noted the progress that the South Tees Health and Wellbeing Executive had made to date




Ann Baxter, Independent Chair of the Tees Safeguarding Adults Board presented the Annual Report 2017/18 to the Live Well South Tees Board.


The report provided information on the Structure and Membership of the Board, Key Achievements, Communication and Engagement and Policy and Strategic Development.


Members were informed that an Annual Survey had been carried to gather the views of both members of the public and professions, placing early help and prevention ahead of awareness raising in the list of priorities for the first time.


It was reported that 640 surveys were completed, 86% of the public felt safe from adult abuse and neglect and 88% of professionals felt well informed about adult abuse.


Members were advised that there had been a 27% increase in enquiresbetween 2016 and 2018 and an 18% rise in safeguarding concerns between 2016 and 2018.  This was seen as positive as it shows that people are aware of the Safeguarding Board and are asking for help.  Members heard that neglect was the highest type of abuse reported.


Members were advised that there had been no Serious Case Reviews carried out in 2017/18 however the Carol Review had been completed.


The priorities for the Tees Safeguarding Board for the coming year are:

  • Continue to raise awareness of adult safeguarding
  • Work harder with all communities
  • Develop best practise
  • Raise profile of under reported abuse
  • Prioritise linkages between Safeguarding Adults and Safeguarding Children.

Agreed as follows:-

  • The Live Well South Tees Board noted the content of the report and thanked the Independent Chair for providing an update.

Mark Braithwaite, Independent Chair of Middlesbrough Safeguarding Children's Board and Jon Rush, Independent Chair of Redcar and Cleveland Safeguarding Children's Board attend the meeting to present the Annual Reports for each of the Boards.


Members heard that in Middlesbrough 3 serious case reviews had taken place during 2017/18 which involved children with substance misuse parents.  A focus of the Board has been children who are at risk, Members heard that there is a Teeswide Strategic Vulnerable, Exploited, Missing and Trafficked Group that particularly focuses on children who are risk.


Members heard that future challenges for the Board included the introduction of Universal Credit, Brexit and children missing from education.  The transition to the new arrangements would also prove a challenge to the Board.


Jon Rush, Independent Chair of Redcar and Cleveland Children's Safeguarding Board presented the Annual Report.  Members heard that Redcar and Cleveland had undergone a Care Quality Commission and Ofsted Inspection of Special Educational Needs and Disability and also an Ofsted Front Door Inspection.  The inspections recognised good partnership working arrangements. 


Members were advised that there is a push for all agencies to work together to support Early Help.


Members were informed that there had been a 10% rise nationally of children going into care due to a number of factors, 31% due to deprivation,


Helen Watson, Executive Director of Children Services provided an update on the South Tees Multi-Agency Children's Hub. Members heard that a recruitment drive was now underway and staff should be in place in shortly.  There was a commitment to the timescale of the Hub opening in April 2019.  The Hub would provide the opportunity to bring Safeguarding and Early Help Together across Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland.


Agreed as follows:-


The Live Well South Tees Board noted the updates and thanked the Safeguarding Chairs for their contributions as it was their last meeting.


The Chair of the South Tees Health and Wellbeing Executive presented the Assurance Report to the Live Well South Tees Health and Wellbeing Board. The report provided assurance that the Board is fulfilling its statutory obligations, and a summary of progress in implementing the Boards Vision and Priorities.
The report provided a summary of recommendations to the Board:-

  • Note the assurance regarding health protection arrangements;
  • Note the progress made by the South Tees Health and Wellbeing Executive in implementing the Board’s Vision and Priorities; and
  • Note the updates on statutory consultations, recent inspections and relevant scrutiny reviews.

Agreed as follows:-

  • The Live Well South Tees Health and Wellbeing Board agreed to the recommendations in the report.

The Forward Work Programme was for information only.

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