Local Development Framework Working Group Minutes

Local Development Framework Working Group Minutes

Tuesday 24 September 2013
2:00 p.m.
Oberhausen Room,Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Attendance Details

Rooney (Chair), Budd, N J Walker
J Bennington, P Clarke and K Whitwell
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were submitted on behalf of Councillors Brunton and Cole
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There were no declarations of interest made at this point of the meeting.

Item Number Item/Resolution

The Planning Services Manager in presenting the Middlesbrough Local Plan/Local Development Framework Publication Document confirmed that it was intended for the document to be reformatted and that further work around environmental and open space aspects had to be completed. It was considered that there were likely to be minor changes during examination.


The Group's attention was drawn to the main policies and changes in respect of the following:-


Policy CS1 Spatial Strategy


The draft RSS identified the levels of development for Middlesbrough between 2004 and 2021.


In terms of housing the core strategy looked forward to 2029 and made provision for the following levels of housing development:


2012-2019  2,660 dwellings

2019-2024  2,150 dwellings

2024-2029  2,160 dwellings.


The distribution of housing within the Borough would be delivered through development at the following strategic areas:


North Middlesbrough  1,620 dwellings

East Middlesbrough    1,100 dwellings

West Middlesbrough   1,790 dwellings

South Middlesbrough  2,460 dwellings.


Policy CS11 Affordable Housing


Specific reference was made to housing developments of five or more dwellings within the wards of Acklam, Brookfield, Coulby Newham, Kader, Ladgate, Marton, Marton West, Nunthorpe and Stainton and Thornton which would be required to provide a 15% affordable housing contribution.


On sites of 30 or more dwellings a third of the affordable housing requirement should be provided on site with the remainder provided as a financial contribution to fund affordable housing within regeneration sites.


It was pointed out that the Council would relax the affordable housing requirement where the applicant could demonstrate that the requirement would make a development economically unviable. It was also confirmed that variations in the proportion of on/off-site provision would be considered where it could be demonstrated that this would better contribute to the creation of mixed and balanced communities through the diversification of housing tenure.  In response to clarification sought from Members regarding the use of finance from affordable housing it was confirmed that it could not be used for acquisition of property for demolition but could be used in relation to equity loans; building property; bringing properties back into use; helping people to stay in properties and work with RSLs.


Policy REG3E Brookfield


Specific reference was made to certain amendments in particular how the plan incorporated green corridors adjacent to Saffwood Beck and Blue Bell Beck including a local park west of Saffwood Beck with pedestrian links to open space at Stotfold Walk.


 REG3J Coulby Newham


Reference was made to 93 hectares of land at Newham Hall farm and Lingfield Green which had been allocated for a mixed and balanced residential community. The requirement of the development would be deliver a high quality scheme which included amongst other aspects the following:-


  • creates residential development in neighbourhoods of identifiable character which provide variety and diversity in layout and design;
  • incorporated the community facilities at Lingfield Green including open space, allotments, play area and pond as a hub to serve the wider area;
  • preserves the character and appearance of the setting of the Grade II listed structures Newham Hall, Newham Hall Lodge and Newham Hall Gate;
  • restricts parkland south of Newham hall to gold club and open space use and retains prominent features of high archaeological importance within the design and layout of an extension to the existing gold club;
  • incorporates the retains the local listed Newham Hall Farm within the development;
  • is accessed from the B1365, Bonnygrove Way and Rye Hill Way and provides any necessary off-site improvements to transport infrastructure to ensure traffic generated by the development does not have a significant detrimental impact upon the highway network.

Land at Nunthorpe, South of Guisborough Road


Planning permission would be granted for an executive style residential development to provide approximately 250 dwellings and associated access arrangements during 2024-2029.


Development proposals were expected to include a number of features including:


  • take account of the topography, features and views of the site in the design process;
  • provide a new vehicular access arrangement off the A1043;
  • ensure that there is no vehicular access onto Guisborough Road;
  • retain and enhance the planting buffer alongside the A1043 and the railway;
  • provide any necessary off-site improvements to transport infrastructure to ensure traffic generated by the development does not have a significant detrimental impact upon the highway network.

Specific reference was made to the expectation that the site would not be brought forward until an agreement on the provision of a park and ride facility had been secured or the Longlands Road to Ladgate Lane Road  had been secured and a timetable for implementation agreed,


It was confirmed that there would be a further opportunity to examine the plan before publication.


In terms of the Gresham Street area it was confirmed that there would be a phased programme of redevelopment as identified on the proposals map involving the clearance of up to 55 dwellings up to 2019.


AGREED as follow:-


1. That the Middlesbrough Local Plan/Local Development Framework Publication Document be supported.


2. That a glossary of acronyms be included.

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