Executive Member - The Mayor Minutes

Executive Member - The Mayor Minutes

Thursday 7 May 2015
2:30 p.m.
Spencer Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Attendance Details

Councillor C M Rooney
Paul Clarke, J Bell, Andrew Pain and Tracy Everitt
Apologies for absence:
Mr R Mallon
Item Number Item/Resolution

The Executive Director for Economic Development and Communities presented a report that sought approval to an Article 4 Direction that would provide control to the Council over demolition of The Crown, Linthorpe Road.


Situated on the corner of Linthorpe Road and Borough Road, in a very prominent location in Middlesbrough town centre, The Crown was included on the Council's Local List in 2011 because of its architectural interest and social value.  Research suggested that The Crown was designed by Architect J Forbes in 1919, and built for Elite Cinemas in 1923.  The building was of high importance locally, having been a cinema until 1987, then a Bingo Hall and lately a public house.  The Crown was a landmark building of high townscape value.


The Council does not currently have control over the demolition of this locally listed building because it was not in a Conservation Area.  It would be necessary to make an Article 4 Direction to bring the demolition under the Council's control. 


Up until 28 April 2015 the Council was not aware of imminent plans for demolition, however following a meeting on this date the Council was made aware of a consultation leaflet which clearly stated that there was an option to demolish the existing building and therefore the building was considered at threat.




That an Article 4 Direction to control the demolition of The Crown be approved.




The decision was supported by the following reason:


Without the Article 4 Direction the building is at risk of demolition, which the Council cannot control without an Article 4 Direction.  This would result in the loss of a significant locally listed building in Middlesbrough town centre.

The decision will come into force with immediate effect and is not subject to scrutiny call-in procedures.
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