Executive Member - The Mayor Minutes

Executive Member - The Mayor Minutes

Tuesday 7 June 2016
9:00 a.m.
Mandela Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Attendance Details

Mr D Budd (Mayor)
T Wake and S Brown.
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The Executive Director, Commercial and Corporate Services submitted a report that sought approval of the proposed sale of land at Stainton Way, Hemlington to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland (PCC).


The Executive Sub Committee for Property had previously approved a confidential report on the proposals for the sale of a site on Stainton Way of approx. 3.1ha (7.66 acres) at its meeting on 24 March 2015 for the provision of a new Police Community Safety Hub to replace their existing facility on Ladgate Lane.


The Police had reviewed their intended development in light of changing requirements and available finances which had resulted in the scheme and their land requirements being reduced to such an extent that they now only required approximately half the original site.


However, whilst the size and potential capital receipt had both reduced, the costs of servicing the site had remained unchanged and thus resulted in a much smaller anticipated capital receipt. The estimated budget costs were set out on Appendix 2 and resulted in a potential sale value after costs of approx. £75,000. Whilst these costs were required to commence development of the Police site, they were also required, in part, to service the remaining employment development land and therefore had additional benefits to the Council's retained land when other plots come forward.


An agreement had been reached whereby the CPP would make a contribution of 35% to the agreed costs of a new road access and estate roads into the site from Stainton Way. The PCC would fund and undertake that work alongside construction of the new Hub building contract and the Council would agree to repay the balance of 65% within a period of 10 years from completion of the new Hub or as other sales come to completion.


All designs and costs were yet to be formally confirmed, they remained subject to the PCC having the Councils agreement on an 'open book’ basis. The proposals would require planning approval and an application being submitted for the proposed development was expected in the very near future.

The front funding and provision of the initial service facilities and road access would assist in the future development of the retained employment land and also the possible early release of new housing land as part of the wider Hemlington Grange Masterplan proposals which were now coming to fruition.


If was mentioned in the meeting that the planning application had been submitted.


The report outlined in further detail that there were two options available:

  1. OPTION 1 - To proceed with the disposal of the two areas of land to the PCC on the basis set out within the report; and
  2. OPTION 2 - Not to proceed.


  1. That the proposed sale of the land at Stainton Way shown by black edging at Appendix 1 to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland on the basis set out in the report be approved; and
  2. That the Council entering into an option Agreement with the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland to sell that land shown by hatching at Appendix 1 on the terms set out in the report be approved.



The decision was supported by the following reason:

To secure the sale and development of the land for the new Police Community Hub and longer term development of the wider Hemlington Grange site.

The decision will come into force with immediate effect and is not subject to scrutiny call-in procedures.
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