Executive Sub-Committee for Property Minutes

Executive Sub-Committee for Property Minutes

Wednesday 11 July 2018
1:00 p.m.
Mandela Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Attendance Details

Councillor M Carr, Councillor C M Rooney, Councillor D Rooney, Councillor J Rostron, Councillor N J Walker, Councillor L Young
S Blood, P Clarke, A Hoy, D Johnson and L Henman
Apologies for absence:
Councillor J Brunton Dobson, Councillor M Thompson
Declarations of interest:

None declared

Item Number Item/Resolution

The minutes held on 13 June 2018 were submitted and approved as a true record.


It was noted that there had been press articles regarding Discovery School in Newcastle and that it was worth clarifying that there was no connection to the Discovery Special Academy in Middlesbrough.

Executive Member for Economic Development and Infrastructure

The Executive member for Economic Development and Infrastructure submitted a report that sought approval to commence consultation on a masterplan and design code developed for housing land at Nunthorpe Grange


A masterplan and design code had been developed to guide housing development at Nunthorpe Grange Farm. It was proposed that this was consulted upon to ensure it forms a robust element of the future disposal and development of the site.


The report outlined that as one of the premier sites within the borough, it was essential that the masterplan and
design guide sets high aspirations and reflects the ambitions the Council has for development in the area. As the final masterplan would form part of the disposal process, and any future planning decisions for the site, endorsement of the principles and the consultation process would be required.

The disposal of the site would lead to significant numbers of houses being built, contributing to the Council’s longer term growth aspirations and the consequent benefits of receiving a significant capital receipt, Council Tax and New Homes Bonus. The land currently formed part of the approved Local Plan and was designated for housing.


Reasons for recommendations


Achieving a high quality housing development on this site would contribute towards improving Middlesbrough's overall housing offer, ensuring there was a sufficient supply of high quality housing to prevent residents moving outside of the town and attracting new economically-active residents from neighbouring areas. This would also increase the vibrancy of the town and support Middlesbrough's overall economic growth and stem out migration.

Achieving high quality development on this site would secure a significant capital receipt that would be reinvested back into the Council’s capital programme. It would also provide high quality family housing which will add to the Council Tax base, provide New Homes Bonus payments from the Government, and attract residents into the town whilst meeting the demand and aspirations of a growing population.





That the Executive Property Sub Committee:
a) endorses the principles of the draft masterplan and design code for Nunthorpe Grange Farm;
b) approves the commencement of consultation, to ensure the masterplan and design code form a robust element of the disposal and future development of the site; and,
c) delegates authority to the Executive Director of Growth and Place, in consultation with the Executive Member for Economic Development and Infrastructure, to approve the masterplan and design code following the consultation, subject to there being only minor changes proposed.




The decisions were supported for the following reason:


The decision will ensure that the development taken forward provides the optimum balance between place making and development aspirations.

The decision will come into force after five working days following the day the decision was published unless the decision becomes subject to the call in procedures.
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