View Teesside Pension Fund Committee Agenda

View Teesside Pension Fund Committee Agenda

Wednesday 19 June 2019
11:00 a.m.
Mandela Room, Town Hall, Middlesbrough
Susan Lightwing
Tel No:
(01642) 729712
Councillor D P Coupe (Chair), Councillor E Polano (Vice-Chair), Councillor J Beall, Councillor B Cooper, Councillor S Dean, Mr P Fleck, Councillor T Furness, Mr C Henwood, Councillor J McTigue, Councillor G Nightingale, Councillor J Rostron, Councillor R M Sands, V Vacancy, Councillor S Walker, Mr A Watson
1. Appointment of Chair Pro tem
2. Appointment of Chair of the Teesside Pension Fund Committee
3. Appointment of Vice Chair of The Teesside Pension Fund Committee
4. Apologies for Absence
5. Declarations of Interest
6. Minutes - Teesside Pension Fund Committee - 13 March 2019
7. Investment Activity Report
8. External Managers' Reports
9. Presentation from Border to Coast Client Relationship Manager


10. Investment Advisors' Reports
11. CBRE Property Report
12. Pension Fund Business Plan 2019-2022
13. Consultation on Changes to Valuation Cycle, Exit Payments and Access to LGPS for some Employers
14. XPS Pensions Administration Report
15. Any other urgent items which in the opinion of the Chair, may be considered.

Issue Date:- 11 June 2019 at 16:30

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