View Published Forward Plan

View Published Forward Plan

from the start of to end of January 2018
Forward Plan published on 20 October 2017
Key decisions
Target Date For Decison To Be Taken Reference Number
Councillor C M Rooney
30 October 2017 Strategic Growing the Business Base - Inward Investment Rates Relief
21 November 2017 Local Plan Preferred Options
19 December 2017 Centre Square Masterplan
19 December 2017 Hemlington Grange Business Park
Councillor J Brunton
21 November 2017 Council Nurseries
Councillor J Rostron
30 October 2017 Home Care Services for Adults Aged 18+
19 December 2017 Proactive Taxi Licensing
Councillor L Young
31 October 2017 Middlesbrough Housing Strategy - Adoption
19 December 2017 Affordable Housing Strategy
Councillor M Carr
21 November 2017 Establishing a Regional Adoption Agency
Councillor M Thompson
21 November 2017 Developing Central Library
19 December 2017 2017-18 Cultural Plan
19 December 2017 Marketing Middlesbrough
19 December 2017 Providing Community Support
Councillor N J Walker
04 October 2017 CONFIDENTIAL - Land East Of Hemlington Lane - Proposed Freehold Sale [PART B]
04 October 2017 Land East Of Hemlington Lane - Proposed Freehold Sale [PART A]
30 October 2017 Discretionary Business Rates Relief Scheme
21 November 2017 Budget and Balanced Scorecards - Position Q2 2017/2018.
21 November 2017 Review of Council Tax Support
21 November 2017 Strategic Plan 2018-22 (provisional, including 2018/19 budget proposals)
22 November 2017 CONFIDENTIAL - Newham Hall - Nunthorpe Grange surrender of Agricultural tenancies
22 November 2017 Southlands Centre
Mr D Budd (Chair)
30 November 2017 Community Bank
Other decisions
Target Date For Decison To Be Taken Reference Number
Councillor C M Rooney
21 November 2017 CONFIDENTIAL - University Masterplan
22 November 2017 Town Centre District Heating Update
19 December 2017 Invest in Middlesbrough Progress Report
Councillor J Brunton
19 December 2017 Response to Children's Scrutiny Panel - Pupil Exclusions in Middlesbrough
Councillor J Rostron
21 November 2017 Dementia Friendly Middlesbrough
21 November 2017 Health Scrutiny - Final Report - Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
Councillor L Young
21 November 2017 Local Housing Allowance and Social Housing
Councillor M Carr
21 November 2017 Revised Action Plan - Family and Friends Care
Councillor M Thompson
19 December 2017 City-Scale Events
Councillor N J Walker
03 October 2017 Annual Risk Management
21 November 2017 Programme Management Office Update
30 November 2017 Annual Equality and Inclusion Report
30 November 2017 Review of Equality Policies
19 December 2017 Annual Treasury Management Report
23 January 2018 Customer Strategy - Review and Refresh
Mr D Budd (Chair)
21 November 2017 Corporate Peer Review Revisit - Findings

Explanatory Notes


The key decisions that will be taken by the Council over the next four month period are included within the Forward Work Programme Database, which is published on a monthly basis. The details include the date on which the decision will be taken, who will take that decision and whether any stakeholders have been consulted.

A key decision is defined as a decision that will involve expenditure or savings of £150,000 and/or more or will have a significant impact on two or more wards.

Subject to any prohibition or restriction on their disclosure, copies of/extracts from any documents listed in the Forward Plan can be requested by writing to the following address:

Democratic Services,
PO Box 503,
Town Hall
TS1 2QQ,
tel: 01642 729031

Other documents, for example previous reports, Government White Papers etc., may also be submitted to decision takers. The procedure for requesting details of those documents (if any) as they become available, can either be through placing a request through the comments facility on this website, or by telephoning or writing to Democratic Services (address and telephone number as above).

All information shown is subject to the requirements of the Local Government Act 2000 and the Local Government Act 1972 in relation to exempt or confidential information.

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