View Published Forward Plan

View Published Forward Plan

from the start of to end of June 2020
Forward Plan published on 25 March 2020
Key decisions
Target Date For Decision To Be Taken Reference Number
Councillor A Waters
21 April 2020 CONFIDENTIAL - Marton Avenue Disposal PART B
21 April 2020 CONFIDENTIAL - Middlesbrough Development Company - New Business Plan [Part B]
21 April 2020 Confidential Town Centre Development - Part B
21 April 2020 Disposal of Land at Marton Avenue - PART A
21 April 2020 Eyesore sites
21 April 2020 Town Centre Development - Part A
Councillor C Hobson
18 June 2020 2019/20 Quarter 4 outturn and Investment Strategy
Councillor D Davison
21 April 2020 Culture and Communities Scrutiny Panel - Response - Foodbank Report
21 April 2020 Director of Public Health Annual Report 2019
Councillor D McCabe
21 April 2020 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
01 June 2020 Pot Hole Initiative
Councillor M L Smiles
30 June 2020 Cultural Investment
Other decisions
Target Date For Decision To Be Taken Reference Number
Councillor A Waters
21 April 2020 Middlesbrough Development Company (MDC) - New Business Plan [Part A]
21 April 2020 Nature’s World
21 April 2020 Service response to the Economic Development, Environment and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel’s report on Infrastructure Delivery
Mayor A Preston (Chair)
21 April 2020 Overview of the Queen’s speech (was entered as Horizon scanning 20 December 2019)

Explanatory Notes


The key decisions that will be taken by the Council over the next four month period are included within the Forward Work Programme Database, which is published on a monthly basis. The details include the date on which the decision will be taken, who will take that decision and whether any stakeholders have been consulted.

A key decision is defined as a decision that will involve expenditure or savings of £150,000 and/or more or will have a significant impact on two or more wards.

Subject to any prohibition or restriction on their disclosure, copies of/extracts from any documents listed in the Forward Plan can be requested by writing to the following address:

Democratic Services,
PO Box 503,
Town Hall
TS1 2QQ,
tel: 01642 729031

Other documents, for example previous reports, Government White Papers etc., may also be submitted to decision takers. The procedure for requesting details of those documents (if any) as they become available, can either be through placing a request through the comments facility on this website, or by telephoning or writing to Democratic Services (address and telephone number as above).

All information shown is subject to the requirements of the Local Government Act 2000 and the Local Government Act 1972 in relation to exempt or confidential information.

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