View Published Forward Plan

View Published Forward Plan

from the start of to end of April 2020
Forward Plan published on 17 January 2020
Key decisions
Target Date For Decision To Be Taken Reference Number
Councillor A Waters
21 January 2020 CONFIDENTIAL - Marton Avenue Disposal PART B
21 January 2020 Disposal of Land at Marton Avenue - PART A
21 January 2020 Housing Growth
18 February 2020 Middlehaven - Infrastructure Overview
18 February 2020 Natures World
Councillor B Cooper
21 January 2020 Place Planning Strategy
Councillor C Hobson
21 January 2020 Empower Community Grants Programme
21 January 2020 Estates Strategy - Asset Acquisition Policy
21 January 2020 Estates Strategy - Asset Disposal Policy
Councillor D McCabe
18 February 2020 Locality Working Update - Pilot in Newport and North Ormesby Wards.
18 February 2020 MBC Permit Scheme
18 February 2020 Results of Tendering Building Cleaning (Council Buildings)
Councillor M L Smiles
18 February 2020 Events
Mayor A Preston (Chair)
18 February 2020 Boho Next Generation -Creating the Digital City
Other decisions
Target Date For Decision To Be Taken Reference Number
Councillor B Cooper
21 January 2020 No Wrong Door Trailblazer Implementation
21 January 2020 Participation across Middlesbrough and Youth Council
18 February 2020 School Improvement Interim Evaluation Report
Councillor C Hobson
31 January 2020 Annual Equality and Inclusion Report
18 February 2020 Delivering the Strategic Plan
28 February 2020 RIPA policy
Councillor D Davison
21 January 2020 Health Scrutiny Panel - Response - Vulnerable and Fragile Health Services
Mayor A Preston (Chair)
21 January 2020 Voluntary registration of Acklam Meadow, Newfield Crescent as a Village Green
18 February 2020 Horizon scanning

Explanatory Notes


The key decisions that will be taken by the Council over the next four month period are included within the Forward Work Programme Database, which is published on a monthly basis. The details include the date on which the decision will be taken, who will take that decision and whether any stakeholders have been consulted.

A key decision is defined as a decision that will involve expenditure or savings of £150,000 and/or more or will have a significant impact on two or more wards.

Subject to any prohibition or restriction on their disclosure, copies of/extracts from any documents listed in the Forward Plan can be requested by writing to the following address:

Democratic Services,
PO Box 503,
Town Hall
TS1 2QQ,
tel: 01642 729031

Other documents, for example previous reports, Government White Papers etc., may also be submitted to decision takers. The procedure for requesting details of those documents (if any) as they become available, can either be through placing a request through the comments facility on this website, or by telephoning or writing to Democratic Services (address and telephone number as above).

All information shown is subject to the requirements of the Local Government Act 2000 and the Local Government Act 1972 in relation to exempt or confidential information.

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