Member and Committee Information

Member and Committee Information

Local Plan Working Group

Terms of Reference - Local Plan Working Group

To guide the preparation of the Local Plan relating to changes to the planning system proposed in the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill, including associated changes in planning advice and guidance.

Executive Advisory Body - Need not be politically balanced


The Mayor

Deputy Mayor and Thematic Lead for Drugs

Executive Member for Finance and Governance

Executive Member for Regeneration

Chair of Planning and Development Committee

Vice-Chair of Planning and Development Committee

Quorum: 3
Formed: 14 May 2014
Member Details
Councillor D P Coupe (Con)  
Councillor A High (MIG)  
Councillor C Hobson (MICA)  
Councillor J Hobson (MICA)  
Mayor A Preston (Ind)  
Councillor D Rooney (Lab)  
Councillor M L Smiles (Con)  
Councillor A Waters (MIG)  
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