Member and Committee Information

Member and Committee Information

Chief Officer Appointments Committee

Terms of Reference - Chief Officers Appointments Committee

The Committee will have delegated powers to:

1. Make appointments to the posts of Chief Executive, Directors and statutory officers.

2. To undertake disciplinary procedures in relation to statutory officer appointments: Head of Paid Service, Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer.

3. To undertake disciplinary and/or dismissal procedures in relation to Chief Officers, other than the Head of Paid Service, Monitoring Officer, and Chief Finance Officer.

4. To consider grievances, submitted by Chief Officers, at stage 2 of the Council’s grievance policy in circumstances where, in the opinion of the Monitoring Officer, following consultation with the Head of Democratic Services and Head of Human Resources, it would be prejudicial to the fair consideration of the grievance for it to be considered by an Executive Director or the Chief Executive.

Quorum: 3
Formed: 25 May 2011
Member Details
Councillor A High (MIG) (Ex Officio Voting Member)
Mayor A Preston (Ind) (Ex Officio Voting Member)
Councillor B A Hubbard (MICA)  
Councillor T Mawston (MIG)  
Councillor J Rathmell (MICA)  
Councillor D Rooney (Lab)  
Councillor J Rostron (Lab)  
Councillor M Saunders (MICA)  
Councillor M Storey (Lab)  
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