Member and Committee Information

Member and Committee Information

Ad Hoc Scrutiny Panel

Terms of Reference:

To undertake scrutiny examination on corporate issues as directed by the Overview and Scrutiny Board.


As shown below plus 4 Labour Members to be appointed depending on the scrutiny investigation to be conducted.

Quorum: 3
Formed: 25 May 2011
Member Details
Councillor J Sharrocks (Lab) (Chair)
Councillor T Higgins (Lab)  
Councillor J Hobson (Con)  
Councillor B A Hubbard (MICA)  
Councillor T Mawston (Ind)  
Councillor J McGee (Lab)  
Councillor L McGloin (Ind)  
Councillor J A Walker (Lab)  
Councillor V Walkington (Lab)  
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