Member and Committee Information

Member and Committee Information

Works Council

Terms of Reference - Works Council

1. To be an advisory body to the Council.

2. To establish regular consultation between elected members of the Council and the recognised trades unions on issues affecting the Council at a strategic level. As this is not a negotiating body, the rights of the trades unions to negotiate issues through the proper negotiating process are preserved.

3. To present resolutions for the Executive's consideration.

4. To discharge any functions specifically assigned to the Works Council.

5. To review annually the operation and performance of the Works Council, including setting and evaluating performance indicators.

Quorum: 4 + 3
Formed: 25 May 2011
Member Details
Councillor A High (MIG) (Chair)
Councillor R Arundale (MICA)  
Councillor B Cooper (MICA)  
Councillor T Furness (Lab)  
Councillor B A Hubbard (MICA)  
Councillor D Rooney (Lab)  
Councillor M Storey (Lab)  
Councillor P Storey (Lab)  
Councillor J Thompson (Lab)  
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